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USA Roofing Pro, as the name signifies, we are a professional roofing company based in Bristol, CT. We specialize in installing, replacing, and repairing all kinds of roofs, including metal roofing, slate, asphalt shingles, and stone-coated steel. To provide our customers peace of mind, we ensure that the roof repairs are done right, or their roofs are installed skillfully. If you are looking for dependable roofers for your next roofing project, we are the ones who tick all the boxes.

Our professional roofers are highly trained and certified by leading manufacturers. After completing every project, we perform a strict quality control inspection to check the soundness of your roof. We always support our work by offering lengthy warranties. Stop running searches for “roofing contractor near me” because you have found the company to hand over your roofing project to.

Our Services

Roof repair services

Our roof repair services in Bristol, CT, will help you identify the cause of the problem in your roof and solve those problems by repairing them. If you discover a roofing problem at any point, don’t wait for your next scheduled maintenance and call our roofers to provide you solution.

Roof replacement services

If your roof has suffered from defects that cannot be repaired or have high costs, you should get roof replacement services in Bristol, CT. They will increase the overall value of your building, the energy efficiency of your home and protect the air quality of interiors.

Roof installation services

If the roof of your house is installed by an experienced professional, it will continue to protect the interior of your home for a longer period. Our roof installation services in Bristol, CT, will help you install the new roof of ultimate quality, preventing every premature roof failure.

Residential roofing services

We have vast experience in providing residential roofing services in Bristol, CT. We are proficient in all kinds of roof repair and installation. Our professional roofers can help you install any roof you want in your house. If you have a roofing project to pursue, call our professionals.

Commercial roofing services

The material used in commercial roofing services in Bristol, CT is quite different from the material used in other roofing services. This requires specific skills and equipment to complete a commercial roofing project. USA Roofing Pro has the necessary manpower and equipment that can get your project completed efficiently.


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What Else Do We Offer

USA Roofing Pro is dedicated to offering what it takes to be the best roofing company in Bristol, CT. We are a locally owned business, with tons of positive reviews from our satisfied customers. The roofers working with us have extensive experience in performing complex repairs on every kind of roof. There is nothing in the roofing industry that falls beyond our skillset. We are committed to using high-quality roofing material that stands the test of time. We offer a free evaluation and free estimates. Other qualities owned by our services are:

General Questions

No, this is not always the case. We can only suggest you the solution after looking at the current condition of your roof.

The cost of repairing depends on the extent of the damage. Call our experts to know more about our pricing.

The life of your roof depends on factors like the quality of material, its type, weather conditions in your area, and the expertise of your roofer.

It is hard for an ordinary person to locate the leak. You should call a professional to find the leak.

It is up to you, but its purpose is to protect your house against wind-driven rain.

Why Choose Us

Committed To Safety

USA Roofing Pro is and will always remain committed to ensuring the safety of its customers and their workers. Our workers are subjected to various trainings in which they are taught how to ensure safety while working on heights. We have extensively invested in safety equipment.

Extensive Experience

Our extensive experience has helped us dig invaluable information about roofing needs and how to fulfill those needs. We have been working on roofs for many years and have solved numerous problems with roofs of various types.


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