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We Add Perfection To Your Lawn

An unknowingly or deliberately bypassed garden can do more harm than any good. Interestingly, and most importantly, a garden without maintenance and follow-up can give sheer results for homeowners. We are the lifesavers when your garden needs landscaping and maintenance.

Thomas Grading And Clearing is a well-qualified landscaping company with the best landscapers in Lexington, NC. We have been assisting the customers and making their vision become a pleasing reality. We add a layer of beauty and refresh the commercial and residential properties with a complete sense of nature. We provide high-quality tree services in Lexington, NC, to rejuvenate your property. Not every company has the capacity to provide a variety of landscaping services as we do. From landscape design and installation to land clearing to excavation, everything is the specialty that distinguishes us from our competitors, who will never beat us in quality, customer support, and affordability.

Our Services

Landscape Grading

Getting landscape grading services in Lexington, NC, is the first step that has the utmost importance in the whole process to make your exciting landscape idea a reality. We have years of experience in leveling the garden area for commercial and residential buildings, reflecting perfectly carried out work.

Land Clearing

Suppose your construction project is underway and the unnecessary trees, shrubs, and bushes are your first hurdle. In that case, our professional team is your solution with customized land clearing services in Lexington, NC. Our aim is the completion of your dream.

Excavation Service

Our specialized excavation services in Lexington, NC, are for your help to prepare your commercial or residential site for landscaping. We are honest in providing you with a worry-free experience with our highly reliable service, preparing your site for further upgradation.

Demolition Service

From residential buildings to commercial warehouses, our approach is different from others in fulfilling your demolition needs. Our extremely talented, highly qualified, and professionally trained specialists are equipped with every tool to deliver desired demolition services in Lexington, NC.

Landscaping Service

To instill a sense of perfect beauty in your property, we provide landscaping services in Lexington, NC, at affordable costs with a guaranteed smile on your face. Our experience and long-continued practice in gardening and lawn is what can fulfill your needs.

Tree Removal

If the tree is encroaching on your home or has been damaged because of a hailstorm, you need professional tree removal services in Lexington, NC. We are committed to high-quality work and have the best arborists.


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We Bring Natural Luxury For You

Landscaping by our hired professionals comes with a promise to fulfill your needs and meet your expectations. With our highly reliable equipment & our ability to use them, you can rest confident that you will have an opportunity to enjoy the nature. From landscape design installation to its maintenance, we stand by your side and help you make your home a little heaven on earth. We ensure your satisfaction and complete all the projects with satisfaction, whether small or big. What makes us different is our unique approach to handling the project efficiently and perfectly. None of our customers ever had to meet disappointment and always got what they were looking for. Count on us because we are:


You can hire us because we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the way our professionals work on your lawn.

Our prices may vary depending upon the scope of your project & the size of your building.

If you want to have the best indoor environment and inhale pure air, a small garden in your home can be helpful. You need a landscaping service to make your life worth living.

Yes, we have the required certificates and licenses. And, we are also insured to keep you at peace. 

Depending upon the area, the timeframe can vary. Contact us to know more.

Why Choose Us

Competitive With Pricing

One main reason people love to choose us is that our pricing is affordable. We will never like that our customer bears any burden on the short pockets. Thus, we have kept our charges at the lowest. In our presence, we know that you won’t search for “landscaping companies near me”.

Excellence At Your Door

Our professionally trained team is available for landscaping needs. We know that you’re short of time, so we never waste a single minute and show our performance in the lowest time. Customer satisfaction is our guarantee; thus, stay confident and call our professionals to bring excellence to your door for landscaping needs.


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