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We are a group of professional painters in Spring, TX, providing exceptional painting and repairing services. Our professionalism and experienced staff have made us one of the most trusted choices for painting. Whatever project our clients have related to painting, we are ready to be at their service. Our quality and affordable exterior & interior painting services have landed us among the leading painting companies in Spring, TX.

We will help you get the color that will reflect your personality and revitalize each home element. Our crew has a habit of working with great safety, and are on time, in the budget, & to your specification.

Our Services

Interior Painting Services

Paint can fill your interiors with emotions and positive feelings. Our interior painting services in Spring, TX boost self-esteem and inspire people to enjoy their indoors. Our painters are always ready to use their creativity to give your walls a new look.

Exterior Painting Services

Whether you are planning to get new paint for your newly constructed house or improve the curb appeal by renewing old paint, you can rely on our exterior painting services in Spring, TX to get the job done. Call for our services and demand a free estimate.

Staining & Varnishing Services

The wooden structure of your house requires regular maintenance to keep it looking new all the time. Staining and varnishing in Spring, TX can be the best choice if you want to protect wooden elements. Call us to make your wooden structure visually appealing and protected.

Cabinet Painting Services

Our cabinet painting services in Spring, TX will ensure that no spot of your cabinet is left colorless. Our experts have devised an improvised way to paint cabinets of every size to enhance their looks and life. Call us to give your cabinets a color of your choice.

Residential Painting Services

Painting a residential building requires a certain level of creativity and skills as many colors and different surfaces are involved. We provide the highest-quality residential services in Spring, TX, because our painters are equipped with all the skills and have great attention to detail.

Trim & Baseboard Painting Services

Trim and baseboards can serve as decorations other than protecting the structure of your house. We have a unique selection of paint to apply to these elements to make them stand out. If you want a trim and baseboard painting in Spring, TX, call us.

Ceiling & Wall Painting Services

There are many functions that ceilings and walls can perform other than protecting your house and giving it structure. Getting a top-quality ceiling and wall painting in Spring, TX can protect them from many harmful external agents. Just give us a call if you feel your walls and ceiling require an upgrade.

Drywall Repairing Services

If you are looking for drywall repair in Spring, TX you have come to the right place. If you noticed cracks, holes, or marks of furniture on your drywall, it is time to call us and let our workers put life back in your drywall.


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What else do we offer

At Texas Precision Painting, we can design your contract to fit your needs. Our experienced painters can refresh the look of your home with the leading exterior & interior painting services in Spring, TX. We are offering several value-added services to expand the family of our satisfied customers. Salient features for our additional services are:

General Questions

It depends on the size of your house, the quality of paint you choose, and the current condition of your home.

The best time to get your house painted is late spring or early summer. Warm weather and low moisture will make your paint dry faster and adequately.

You can call someone from a home inspection company and get your paint tested in the laboratory.

It depends on the condition of your old paint. If your old paint is peeling or chipping, then we certainly have to scrape it off and apply a new one.

Getting a paint job regularly for your exteriors can protect it from harsh weather and enhance your home’s curb appeal.

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We completely understand how important your time is and what expectations you have from us. To save our customers from the pain of waiting, we regularly monitor our workers for punctuality and ask our clients for feedback.

Speed & Exceptional Quality

Our painters have so many years of experience in painting that painting perfectly has become their reflex action. Our crew can finish any job on time. We want you to sit in your freshly painted house as soon as possible.


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