Bizfindernearme - Terms of use

We commit to conducting ourselves and our business by the highest moral and ethical principles, and we expect our customers to do the same. These Terms and Conditions explain how we conduct ourselves with you and control how you conduct yourself while using our service. If you do not wish to use this service in compliance with these Terms and Conditions, please proceed to another website; your use of this website constitutes your approval of these Terms and Conditions.

By committing to the terms and conditions, you agree to:

  • Only legitimate business listings should be submitted.
  • Claim only business listings for your company(ies) or companies for which you are an approved representative.
  • Upload no photographs, videos, text, or other material that other users may deem inappropriate or unethical.
  • Make updates and additions that you know are true, lawful, good, and up to date; you will not make updates that present fake, unreliable, pornographic, or misleading material.
  • Before writing a negative review about any company, take a deep breath and count (slowly) to ten. If you have to write a critical review, make it factual and realistic, and avoid getting personal. Before leaving a negative review, allow every company to fix any issues offline.
  • If you’ve had a bad experience with a company and they later make amends, be gracious in your review – no one gets it right 100 percent of the time, so when they repair something that’s broken, they deserve credit;
  • I will not be a vandal, and I will not leave garbage. If you see vandalism or spam, please take a moment to fix it or, if possible, report it.
  • Be courteous.

By offering this service, we agree to:

  • Always aim to provide excellent service while remaining transparent and frank with you.
  • We will keep our promises and obligations to you.
  • Take note of your suggestions.

Registered Users

To use the simple service, you do not need to register with Bizfindernearme, but you do for quicker updates and more advanced features. When you register with us, you permit us to contact you from time to time with service updates and news. We will not send you unsolicited emails.

Legal Terms and Conditions

The Service

The service is a global business listing database and business directory that is free to use. It’s created and managed by everyone, for everyone, and it runs on a platform developed and owned by Bizfindernearme.

No warranties

The service is delivered “as is,” with no express or implied warranties. Bizfindernearme or its affiliated companies do not pledge or endorse the accuracy of any listings. Please use our resources to fix any mistakes you find.

Illegal or obscene material

Bizfindernearme reserves the right to delete any material that is pornographic, immoral, or otherwise offensive.

Refusal to services

Bizfindernearme reserves the right to remove the service from any or all users at any time.

Provision of paid services no refunds

Bizfindernearme’s duties about paid-for services are met in full at the time of payment; Bizfindernearme is a self-service network that does not offer discounts on paid services after the fact.

Transfer of claims and disputes

When a business listing claim is transferred to another member due to a claim dispute, the claim’s remaining time, any related paid-for services, and any amounts paid to Bizfindernearme are forfeited in favor of the new claimant. In short, you cannot wrongly assert a business listing because if it is later passed to the rightful claimant, you will not be eligible for a refund, and they will inherit the remainder of the claim duration and any related promotions.

Ownership of data and your privacy

A combination of publicly available business listing data and user-generated data is used to create business listings. In company listings, brand names and trademarks are only used to accurately classify the brand names, trademarks, or owners to which they pertain. They belong to their respective owners, and Bizfindernearme has no association with either of them. All data and information entered into the service become and remain the property of Bizfindernearme.

Reviews Policy

Users may leave feedback about the services offered by any of the businesses listed on the Bizfindernearme website. Except for an automatic profanity blocker, Bizfindernearme does not prohibit users from leaving derogatory feedback nor perform any editorial analysis of reviews.

Modification to these terms

These words will change over time; any changes will be updated here.

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