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Traditional electricity was produced by burning fossil fuels which emit harmful gases that are the leading cause of air pollution and global warming. But these practices to generate electricity are being replaced by green and more efficient methods like wind energy, hydel power, and solar energy. 

SolarX LLC is a locally owned and operated residential solar energy company in South Jordan UT that has recorded its name in the top solar installation companies in South Jordan UT. We have a team of well-coordinated technicians proficient in installing high-quality products with increased expertise and providing excellent after-sales services. We also provide solar power system repairs and maintenance. If you want to make your solar power system generate electricity at its full efficiency, don’t search for “solar repair companies near me,” pick up the phone and dial our number. We will be glad to provide you solar solutions.

Our Services

Solar Panel Installation Services

Solar panels help you generate energy from sunlight and reduce your dependence on fossil fuels. If you have decided to go green with solar energy, call us to get our solar panel installation services in South Jordan, UT. We will help get your solar energy system installed and connect it with the grid.

Solar Panel Repairing Services

Although solar photovoltaic cells are highly reliable, they also need maintenance to generate energy with maximum efficiency. We provide solar panel repairing services in South Jordan, UT. If you have any problem regarding your solar panel or the electrical network associated with it, call us.


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What Else Do We Offer

At SolarX LLC, we specialize in installing solar panels, complete solar power systems, solar batteries, and provide complete services of repairing and maintenance, while also connecting your solar power system to the grid. We are committed to providing thoughtful design and dependable workmanship that ensure the safety of your solar power system. Additionally, we offer the implementation of various other systems operated on solar energy like solar thermal. We assure you that while we are providing our expertise and effective maintenance, you will never have to search for “solar energy companies near me.”

General Questions

Getting a solar energy system installed for your home or office is an excellent investment. By doing so, you can avoid paying more money for electricity. The amount of money you will save depends on your area’s utility rates and solar energy policies. But irrespective of which state you live in, you will still manage to save a good amount of money.

In most parts of the country, residents could increase their home value more by getting a solar system than by getting their kitchen renovated. But this can only happen if you own the solar energy system.

The amount of electricity produced by solar panels depends on the amount of sunlight. On a cloudy day, the solar panel might generate electricity but not the same amount as it does on a bright sunny day.

Solar power systems are durable and can withstand harsh weather, including wind, hail, and snowstorms. You may need to replace different solar power system components like batteries, but your panels can generate energy for 30 to 35 years minimum.

Solar power systems with solar batteries are widespread and costly. If your house is still connected to the grid, you are not required to install solar batteries. All of your solar energy will automatically go to the grid, and you can draw electricity from the grid whenever you need it.

Why People Choose Us

Enhanced Expertise

Each of our technicians possesses a deep understanding of various types of solar power systems. We will provide you quality assurance and guide you through different available options for solar power systems. With us, you will never need to search for another “solar energy company in South Jordan, UT.”

High-quality Solar Panels

We understand that using quality solar panels is equally important as providing quality labor. We only use high-quality solar panels, solar batteries, and other products, ensuring that you get the best services for the money you are paying.


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