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Roofio is a professional solar company with a team of highly dedicated solar installers. Our primary focus is helping homeowners & business owners who’ve gone solar in making sure they get the most out of their decision. We applaud the homeowners who’ve made the switch, and we are dedicated solar energy installation services in San Antonio TX to making sure your system works to capacitate and meet your expectations for decades to come.

Our team specializes in solar repair and maintenance with years of solar industry experience. We ensure client satisfaction by providing timely roofio solar panel services in San Antonio TX using state-of-the-art equipment. We also focus on educating homeowners and business owners on maintaining their systems perfectly. We aim to help our customers stay energy independent.

Our Services

Solar Panel Installation

With years of experience, our professional technicians install solar panels efficiently to provide you sustainable lifestyle and other benefits of clean solar energy. Call for timely solar panel installation services in San Antonio, TX.

Solar Panel Repair

Switching to solar should be a long-lasting investment. Therefore, we offer reliable roofio solar panel repair services in San Antonio TX, to expand the life span of your solar energy project. Request a free price estimate now!

Solar Roof/Shingles Repair

Our professionals can handle your roof repairs too. It's a big chance to hire a solar installer for solar roof services in San Antonio, TX, and roof repair services at once while working with Roofio. Call our experts for shingle repair services in San Antonio, TX.

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Our Commitment Towards Excellence

We consider all aspects of the solar energy installation project to complete it efficiently. No job is impossible for our experts, we are expert roofio solar panel services in San Antonio TX and we do it professionally.

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General Questions

We don’t recommend it. This process requires both electrical and roofing knowledge. As an award-winning solar company in San Antonio, TX, we can efficiently install your solar energy project. Give us a call.

Yes, in fact, given equal sunlight, a solar panel on a cold day will out-produce a solar panel on a hot day.

If you afford to pay your electricity bill, you can afford to go solar.

Your solar house will be treated as a premium, as studies have shown that solar increases property values.

If properly installed, it should last 30-40 years. Technology has evolved, so we’ll install your solar energy system efficiently and promptly.

Technically not; solar energy systems are durable and require little to no maintenance over their productive lifetime. If something does go wrong, Roofio can help you in San Antonio, TX.

Why People Choose Us

At Roofio, we share a strong belief that investing in renewable energy is one of the best decisions anyone can make. Our professionals serve all your solar panel maintenance needs in one place and provide top-notch solar energy installation services in San Antonio TX; we are committed to becoming the most trusted name as an installer in San Antonio, TX.

Wind, Water, Sun:

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If you have a busy schedule, you don’t need to mess up things by hiring separate contractors. Call Roofio and get the things done by one-stop-shop. We can install & repair solar panels and also improve your shingles.

Experienced Contractors

Never compromise on your investment by hiring unprofessional technicians for your solar energy project installation. You can rely on professional and experienced solar energy installation services in San Antonio TX at Roofio, a leading solar company in San Antonio, TX.

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