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WELCOME TO ROOFIO: Reliable Solar Company in Round Rock TX

Roofio is a premier solar energy company with a proven record of success that provides reasonably priced clean energy solutions and roofio solar panel services in Round Rock TX, for residential and commercial buildings throughout Texas.

We aim to help you make the switch to solar to lower your energy bills, live a more sustainable lifestyle, and enjoy all of the other advantages of solar energy systems at your home or business. As a reliable solar company in Round Rock TX, we make the process of switching to solar easy. Our team of solar contractors provides everything that you need to start producing your clean solar energy. We are committed to customer satisfaction; therefore, we keep our services timely & affordable.

Our Services

Solar Panel Installation

Save your money by consulting solar panel installers. We offer same-day solar panel installation services in Round Rock, TX, for most of our residential customers so that you can start enjoying your clean energy home as soon as possible.

Solar Panel Repair

Do you know if your solar is working fine? Homeowners and business owners can genuinely depend on Roofio for solar panel repair services in Round Rock, TX. We do repairs using our unique skills derived from our years of experience.

Solar Roof/Shingles Repair

Do you need solar roof services in Round Rock, TX? If your roof needs a little bit of repair, our technicians can do it while installing or repairing your energy project. We strive for 100% satisfaction of our valued customers by providing the best shingle repair services in Round Rock, TX.

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Our Commitment Towards Excellence

Only professional installations can benefit your property. With extensive training and experience we provide roofio solar panel services in Round Rock TX, we install solar energy projects in residential and business properties efficiently.

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General Questions

Every kilowatt of the solar array takes about 75 square feet. So a typical 3kW collection (twelve panels) will take a roof area about 11′ tall by 20′ wide.

No, it works in the presence of sunlight, but you can store your energy for nighttime usage.

At Roofio, we can also pole-mount photovoltaic panels or ground-mount panels on a concrete base.

Different solar systems have a life expectancy of 25 to 35 years. Even after that time, they can still be functional but may require maintenance.

In many cases, only a grid connection fee will be charged. Still, you can reduce your utility and save thousands by going solar.

No, all size systems and setups are not cost-effective. Our professionals will directly work with you to figure out the best strategy for your needs and within your budget.

Why People Choose Us

Roofio is the leading and reliable solar company in Round Rock TX. We have achieved this position by hiring and training professional technicians and efficient installation & repair services. All of this makes us an award-winning contractor in Texas.

Wind, Water, Sun:

Our Specialties


Here at Roofio, you can get all types of solar panel installations and repair services. Our professionals will help you in getting quality panels for your project. We can also do shingle repair while the installation process.

Experienced Contractors

We have dedicated and trained technicians to give a fantastic roofio solar panel services in Round Rock TX and solar panel installation and repair. Our experienced professionals will take off responsibility from your shoulders and give you remarkable results.

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