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Are you looking for solar panel installation near you? Roofio is a high-tech enterprise specializing in solar panel installations in many cities of Texas. We make your vision come true by providing complete solar services for your residence or commercial property. Solar panels are the future, and getting them today means you will be ahead of your time controlling your energy and savings through intelligent energy solutions. And if you are a green enthusiast, solar panels are one of the most eco-friendly energy sources.

Why go for energy sources that constantly emit carbon in our atmosphere and deplete our natural resources and fuels? Go green with solar panels and play your part in saving nature. Roofio is proud to be a top-rated solar company in Austin, TX, due to prompt & reliable services.

Our Services

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installations require careful analysis and a strategized plan for the adequate solar division. The solar panels must be widespread on your roof where the sunlight is easily reachable, and trees or some other object doesn’t block its path. Get reliable solar panel installations in Austin, TX, through Roofio.

Solar Panel Repair

The solar panel specialists at Roofio are trained and experienced with different types of solar panel damages. As solar panels are situated on your roof, many environmental influences can damage the panels. We are prepared to fix them through our professional solar panel repair services in Texas.

Solar Roof/Shingles Repair

We can help you incorporate solar panels with the shingles of your roof. Being the experts in the roofing and solar industry, our professionals can make your roof and shingles appropriate for solar panel installations. We provide solar roofs/shingles repair in many cities of Texas.

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Our Commitment To Green Environment

Understanding solar panel installations can be complex, and that’s why we are committed to helping you fully understand the pros and cons of using solar energy for your homes. Practically, using solar panels will give you profit rather than costing you money every month.

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General Questions

No, the solar panels cannot produce energy at night due to the absence of sunlight.  

The amount depends on your monthly utility bills and solar policies in your area. Although one thing is for sure, solar panels will save you money and eventually cut down utility bills.

By going solar, you use a renewable source of energy that doesn’t require the burning of fossil fuels and the depletion of natural resources. This also means that there will be no greenhouse gases, and the air and environment will be safe.

Yes! If you own the solar panels installed on your home, then your property’s asset value is bound to increase.

In most cases, you won’t ever have to maintain the solar panels. If something is wrong with your panels, the manufacturer warranty will have you covered.

Why People Choose Us

Roofio is the most experienced local solar panel company in Austin, TX. We understand installing solar panels can be an investment; that’s why people choose us due to our trustworthiness and reliability. The work of our professionals will have you rest assured as your solar panels will be installed in the best possible condition.

Aesthetic Appearance

We know your roof needs to have a aesthetic appeal. That’s why we work hard to ensure that the solar panels on your roof appear elegant and go along with the style of your property. We have devised ways to incorporate the solar panels on your roof to look perfect.

Affordable & Durable

Our solar panel installation and repair services are affordable as we understand the solar panels are expensive to buy. With that being said, we do not compromise on the quality, as durability is our top priority. Your solar panels will stay fit for decades and remain durable even in harsh conditions.  

Wind, Water, Sun:

Our Specialties

Exceptional Services

Solar panels are often incorporated with the shingles on your property’s roof. That’s why we offer high-quality shingle roof repairs to ensure you get the best solar panel installations in Austin, TX. We have the tools, the skills, and the experience to maintain the quality of your roof even after the installation of solar panels.

Years of Experience

Due to our vast experience in solar installation services, we have constantly achieved high efficiency in solar panel installations. This means that your solar panel will work at the optimum capacity and gain more sunlight.  

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