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Stone Care Solutions LLC has established itself as one of the best flooring businesses in Clermont, FL, thanks to our knowledge, creativity, and value-added services. We’ve been gaining new talents and expanding our portfolio of successful projects by installing superior floors to the long chain of transformation in the flooring sector. We are experts at installing, refinishing, and restoring modern and traditional flooring.

We’re also experienced in installing commercial flooring that matches your company’s identity and needs. We communicate with our customers at every step since we understand the necessity of sticking to deadlines. You may rely on our experts if you want an aesthetically pleasing floor with an attractive design and superior finishes.

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Stone Marble Polishing
Having years of industry-leading experience, we offer thoughtful, professional stone marble polishing services in Clermont, FL, and nearby communities, from marble polishing to granite refinishing.
Stone Marble Refinishing
We provide stone marble refinishing services in Clermont, FL, and adjacent communities. Whether you want the best residential or commercial services, we can serve you with top-quality services at affordable prices.
Limestone Restoration
To bring your floors back to life, hire Stone Care Solutions LLC for efficient and affordable limestone restoration services in Clermont, FL, and surrounding communities. For further discussion, give us a call.
Stone Marble Restoration
We’ve Got Your Surfaces Covered! From Repair To polishing, we are experts in providing reliable and top-notch stone marble restoration services in Clermont, FL, and nearby areas.
Terrazzo Restoration
Stone Care Solutions LLC is a premier flooring contractor providing customers reliable terrazzo restoration services in Clermont, FL, that can help bring back the beauty of your terrazzo flooring.
Travertine restoration
Our natural Travertine Restoration services in Clermont, FL, can help you bring your travertine back to life and make it look brand new. For a free service estimate, give us a call at (321) 420-2213.

Why Choose Us

Our Mission

Regardless of the type of flooring project entrusted to our exceptional team, our company’s goal is to remain persistent in providing the best flooring solutions.

Our Vision

By achieving the leadership of the flooring industry, we want to surpass all other flooring contractors in the market and fulfill customer needs.



Because we are completely insured, we will make your floor repair experience as stress-free as possible. Incidents are unlikely to occur while working with our professionals. However, you won’t have to be concerned if something goes wrong with your personnel while they’re on the job.

Experts in repairs

Experts in repairs

Our skilled floor installers’ knowledge is sufficient to address any of our clients’ questions. There are no damages that our professionals cannot fix. Consider having your floor fixed rather than replaced if you’re on a tight budget.


Our Portfolio


You are welcome to stay; however, most of our customers leave a key or a door open for our technicians.
No, our technicians will move your furniture while installing your floors.
Because hardwood is a natural product, it will have natural color variations.
As humidity and temperature change, wood shrinks and expands, causing squeaking and creaking noises.
Although cleaning hardwood floors is simple, some precautions are taken to keep them looking their best. A fast daily sweep can be done using a soft bristle brush. To clean up spillage, wipe the area with a soft cloth.