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Creating a beautiful lawn takes more than just planting trees. It is both a science and an art. With the help of our highly knowledgeable landscaping experts, we can help you create a dream lawn right outside your home. We believe in genuinely caring for the health of plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, and more. That is our approach in providing the most beneficial landscaping services in Willingboro, NJ.

R Soares Landscaping is a professional landscaping company in Willingboro, NJ, that offers complete protection, maintenance, and healthy growth of your lawn. We are locally owned & operated, and our full-scale lawn care and landscaping services include tree pruning, mulching, trimming, planting, weed control, sod installation, and many more.

Our Services

Sod Installation

You may find the grass in your lawn to be less greenish, varying in size, lacking growth, patches, and many other issues. At such a time, it is better to get sod installation services in Willingboro, NJ, and make your lawn perfect with bright & green grass.

Fall Clean-Up

Fall clean-up is essential and includes many valuable benefits for the best lawn care and maintenance. We offer highly professional, effective, and result-oriented fall clean-up services in Willingboro, NJ. That is why savvy homeowners choose R Soares Landscaping for fall clean-up services.


Our professional pruning services in Willingboro, NJ, can help your trees, shrubs, and bushes grow healthier, look more attractive, and prevent damages all around. If you’ve got a custom design in mind, we can help you get that look for your lawn.


Mulching is required to protect the base of your gardening and encourage healthy growth for plants, trees, shrubs, etc. We offer customized and specialized mulching services in Willingboro, NJ. Consult one of our mulching experts to discuss the best strategy for your landscaping needs.

Lawn Care

Lawn care isn’t for extremists; in fact, caring for your lawn is a basic need that every property owner must include in their property maintenance plan. It takes more than just watering to ensure quality maintenance of your landscaping and lawn. With our lawn care services in Willingboro, NJ, you can rest assured.


We believe in educating our customers so they can choose what’s best for them. Our trimming services in Willingboro, NJ, are based on the type of plants, their size, the season, and the structure. If you need precision and advanced trimming techniques, we are your best choice in Willingboro, NJ.

Weed Control

Weed growth in random spots of your beautiful lawn is natural. However, it isn’t the perfect look for your landscaping. Some types of weed can even damage the plants and roots around them. For this purpose, we offer highly effective weed control services in Willingboro, NJ.

Planting Trees, Bushes, & Flowers

With many options to choose from, our trees, bushes, and flower planting services in Willingboro, NJ, can improve the beauty and aesthetic look of your lawn or landscaping project. When done with the right expertise, there will be no mistakes or unwanted elements for your landscaping.

Cut Or Trim Trees, Hedges, and Bushes

Whether to cut, remove, or trim plants is a decision based on many factors. Our professional lawn care experts can help you get the best results for your lawn. Have our cutting or trimming trees, hedges, and bushes services in Willingboro, NJ, at very affordable rates.

Lot Cleaning

If you have a vacant lot around your property that is kept for future use, know that it is a home for weeds, bushes, pests, and many other unwanted elements. With our professional lot cleaning services in Willingboro, NJ, you can effortlessly maintain your property.

R Soares Landscaping is a full-scale professional lawn care and landscaping company in Willingboro, NJ. Our landscaping experts are dedicated to this field and have exemplary knowledge and years of experience to provide our clients with the best landscaping services in Willingboro, NJ.


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If you need sod installation, pruning, mulching, trimming, lot cleaning, or any other customized landscaping service, we are your most reliable choice.

General Questions

Fertilizing the base of plants, grass, trees, etc., is essential to give your greenery healthy nutrients that encourage their quality development. Fertilizing is an act of carefully giving the right amount of nutrients to the greenery.

Yes, often, buyers keep a good eye on the landscaping of a property. When the landscaping of a property looks good, healthy, and safe, it usually means the owner spends time and money caring for the property.

Watering the plants or trees varies based on their type, time of the year, and a few other factors. We are always happy to answer your questions in detail. Usually, trees should be watered weekly, shrubs daily, and plants need water 2 to 3 times during summer.  

At R Soares Landscaping, we offer customized maintenance services; however if you are willing to do it yourself, our experts will provide you with the tips to do so.

Why People Choose Us

Passion and Dedication

When any work is done with passion and dedication, the results are phenomenal. We believe in truly caring for nature. That is why our lawn care and landscaping services in Willingboro, NJ, are the choice of professionals.

Honesty & Integrity

At R Soares Landscaping we are true to our words and deliver what we promise. Honesty and reliability are our company’s core values, and all of our staff members stand by this notion. Ultimately, you get affordable, reliable, and trustworthy services.

Our Specialties


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Experienced Contractors

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