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Landscaping Services in Cherry Hill, NJ

When you need to change the look of your lawn, landscaping, or greenery on your property, landscaping services in Cherry Hill, NJ, are the way to go. R Soares Landscaping is a company passionate about foliage, greenery, lawn, landscaping, trees, bushes, flowers, and more. Share your landscaping projects with us to get expert advice and professional maintenance services at very affordable rates.

There comes a time when your grass isn’t as healthy or green as it used to be, and we provide fast, efficient, and reliable sod installation services to renew your lawn. Whether you need mulching to protect the soil and grow healthier plants or removal of excessive weed, we are the landscaping company in Cherry Hill, NJ, that offers complete lawn care and landscaping services.

Our Services

Sod Installation

The grass is not always green; sometimes, its health deteriorates. And when that time comes, you cannot wait for the new grass to grow. That’s why we provide quick sod installation services in Cherry Hill, NJ, to get your lawn looking green once again!

Fall Clean-Up

Trees, plants, shrubs, and all greenery goes through a transition with the change of season. The fall season requires full-scale maintenance and optimization. That’s why our fall clean-up services in Cherry Hill, NJ, are perfect for your landscaping and lawn care plan.


Long-term maintenance for your plants and trees includes professional pruning. When you’ve got pruning done with precision, the lawn will be protected from pests, damage, dying branches, and many other issues. Get our pruning services in Cherry Hill, NJ, at a low charge.


Mulching is the process of covering the base of your plants for protecting and encouraging the healthy growth of plants, trees, or flowers. We offer highly effective and specialized mulching services in Cherry Hill, NJ. Consult one of our professionals to get more information for your lawn care.

Lawn Care

Everyone likes a good-looking, green, and vibrant lawn, but it takes a good amount of care to achieve such a result. Our professional lawn care services in Cherry Hill, NJ, can ensure that your lawn and landscaping are well cared for and receive healthy growth all year long.


Our tree and shrub trimming services are customized based on the type of plants, their size, the season, and the tree’s structure. Our professionals are highly experienced in when and how to trim your lawn’s trees and plants; that’s why clients choose our trimming services in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Weed Control

Aside from ruining the look of your beautiful lawn, weeds can damage the plants and roots around it, so a professional weed control service in Cherry Hill, NJ, should be a part of your lawn maintenance plan. At R Soares Landscaping, we provide effective and durable weed control solutions.

Planting Trees, Bushes, & Flowers

We help you inspire a new look in your lawn and landscaping project with our tree, bushes, and flower planting services in Cherry Hill, NJ. With suggestions for the type of plants or trees, our professional arborists will help you select the best location, soil, fertilizer, and more.

Cut Or Trim Trees, Hedges, and Bushes

Our professionals will suggest you the best decisions when choosing to cut or trim trees, hedges, and bushes. Due to our years of experience and professional knowledge in this field, we provide exceptional cutting and trimming trees services in Cherry Hill, NJ.

R Soares Landscaping is a local, commercial and residential landscaping company in Cherry Hill, NJ, having years of experience and offering complete lawn care and landscaping services in Cherry Hill, NJ. We specialize in sod installation, tree pruning, mulching, trimming, landscaping, and full-scale lawn clean-up through our professional, passionate, and modern landscaping services.


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Our Commitment To Safety and Health of Your Lawn

The goal at R Soares Landscaping is to commit to the safety and healthy growth of your lawn. Our professionals are highly knowledgeable and are passionate about the well-being of plants, trees, shrubs, bushes, and more.

General Questions

Pruning is a wise decision that helps avoid damages and injuries. Tree branches that are dead or overgrown can fall and damage whatever is below them. Other than that, pruning trees also enhance the look of your greenery.

Yes, our fall clean-up services are advanced and promote the healthy growth of greenery in your lawn.  

The recommended height for your grass is usually 3 to 4 inches. This particular size helps in avoiding damage and stress to the overall lawn.  

Landscaping is not actually a one-price fit for all the jobs. Depending on your lawn size and the type of services required, the prices differ. However, we offer free price estimates about our services over the call.

Why People Choose Us

Passionate Lawn Care

One of the prime reasons we are the best in providing lawn care and landscaping services is that our professional landscapers are passionate and dedicated to this field. Ultimately, the resulting work is exceptional and truly professional.

Honest, Reliable, and Affordable

We understand the landscaping can be expensive for some people; however, for this purpose, we tend to keep our rates affordable and help people even when they are low on budget. Our services are honest, and we do not have any hidden fees.

Our Specialties


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Experienced Contractors

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