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Don’t let your pool go from a crystal-clear paradise to a grubby, green swamp! We can help. At Precise Vision Pools LLC, we have a team of licensed specialists who can keep up with your pool’s maintenance needs and provide any type of repair your pool ever needs.

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Comprehensive Pool Services in Hopewell Junction, NY From an Experienced Team

Ensure your pool looks fabulous and extends its lifetime with a properly maintained pool. A pool needs constant maintenance, and when you are looking for a pool repair or installation company, you need dependable services. Precise Vision Pools LLC offers the best pool services, including pool repair, maintenance, and installation. We service and repair most brands and models for above-ground swimming pools and in-ground liner replacements. Our Pool Maintenance and Pool Service Technicians are pool specialists who have years of experience and ensure customer satisfaction. We are passionately committed to going beyond your expectations; therefore, we show up on time and keep up with your pool on a reliable premise.

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We provide extraordinary quality at every job we perform and make our clients delighted with our superior services.

Pool Maintenance

Your pool needs weekly maintenance for its long lifespan and proper upkeep. The pool maintenance process has the following steps
Removal of leaves and debris
Brushing the pool walls to keep them algae-free
Vacuuming the pool to collect the dirt and make the surface clean

Skimmer Cleaning to increase its efficiency

The pump should be running daily for water cleaning.

Check on the pool filter

Checking Chlorine Concentration

Adding Chemicals if needs


Pool Water Changing

If your pool is well-kept and always maintained, then you might need to change to pool water after 5-7 years. Pool Water Changing procedure starts with the following step

Attaching the pipe to drain the pool water into the drainage

Pool Wall Scrubbing and Brushing

Vacuuming to clean the surface

Refilling the water to the moderate level

Adding chemicals to the pool water

Checking and testing the chemical concentration


Pool Damage Repair

Our reliable pool technicians are well-trained and fully equipped with all the necessary tools to repair the problems your pools have. Our experienced diagnostic team starts their work by identifying the damage. After finding the damage, we properly fix the problem, so you never face the same issue again with your pool.


Pool Installation

Our experts have to go through the following process to install your above-ground pool.

Finding the best spot to install the pool

Preparing the base for your pool

Structure Installation

Liner Installation

Add your plumbing equipment

Fill the water to the top level and get ready to jump inside



Our Pool Services

Let our experts help you with our pool cleaning & maintenance needs at budget-friendly prices. We provide a range of pool cleaning & repair services to cater to your needs.
Experts can get the job done in the most reliable manner. Hire our expert technician for expert pool installation services in Hopewell Junction, NY, to get your pool installed at the most reasonable charges.
Our expert pool technicians can easily restore any damage, resolve plumbing problems and have expertise in changing your pool liner to provide you with reliable pool repair service in Hopewell Junction, NY.
After a long closing time, your pool gets dirty and stinky due to algae growth. At Precise Vision Pools LLC, we ease you in reopening your pool with our pool opening services in Hopewell Junction, NY, and make it spotless for summer and spring usage.

frequently ask question

Your pool requires a weekly cleaning and monthly maintenance service for proper upkeep.
Weekly maintenance includes scrubbing the pool wall, vacuuming the ground surface, plumbing parts checkups, and chemical concentration testing.
Pools come in different sizes, and we calculate our charges on pool sizes. Call us to get free estimates of pool installation services.
Abandoned pools are messy, and nature can make drastic changes in the pool’s condition over time, but we have expert professionals to clean an abandoned pool.
Yes, to keep your pool’s water clean and reduce the need to hire experts for pool cleaning, you must run your pool pump for at least eight hours a day.

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