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Home is a precious asset for every homeowner, and its roof is responsible for safeguarding its structural integrity. No matter how durable a roof you have, you may need roof repair in Blakeslee, PA, someday.

Pitt Crew Contractors has been working on the exteriors of home and commercial buildings for years. From cleaning the roof to new roof installation – we do it all! We pride ourselves as a leading roofing contractor in Blakeslee, PA, due to our extensive experience, inscrutable attention to detail, and team of specialists. Providing you with superior customer service is a priority at Pitt Crew Contractors. If you need any emergency service related to your roof, sidings, or deck, we are the ones to call.

Our Services

Roof Repairing Services

As a wise property owner, you need to know when to get your roof repaired instead of installing a new roof. We offer roof repairing services in Blakeslee, PA, to help our customers get rid of roof leaks and other roofing problems that they encounter. It will help you save a significant sum of money.

Roof Installation Services

If you are searching for “roof installation near me” for your newly built home or want a new roof installation, you can trust us to install the roof. We offer roof installation services in Blakeslee, PA, to help you install top-quality and durable roofs for your home.

Siding Services

You don’t need to search for “roofing and siding near me” because we can provide you with whatever service you need to install and repair your siding. With the siding installed by our siding services in Blakeslee, PA, we assure you of the structural integrity of your home. Call our sales associate to schedule your services.

Deck Installation Services

Are you planning to include a deck in your backyard? With our deck installation services in Blakeslee, PA, it’s easier than ever to get the deck you have been dreaming of your whole life. We have all the required tools and expertise to build a durable deck that will be able to host lots of memorable moments of your life.


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What else do we offer

Pitt Crew Contractors is a full-service, licensed roofing company based in Blakeslee, PA. We are experts in installing and maintaining the most suitable roof for your residential or commercial building. Being among the top companies in the roofing industry, we entirely understand what qualities a roofing company owner should have to get confidence from their clients. Our company is comprised of the following attributes:

General Questions

If you notice roof leaks, you immediately need to call roofing contractors to repair those leaks. Other roofing problems can be identified by the presence of cracks in your roof, missing shingles, loose seams, and deteriorated flashings.

If you are dealing with roofing problems, you have two options available. You can go for complete re-installation of your roof, or you can get roof repairs for your existing roof. Consult our roofing experts before deciding which services you require.

It usually depends on the extent of damage that your roof has undergone. Our expert will inspect the entire roof, and then he will be able to tell you if you need a complete replacement or not.

Most roofs have a life expectancy of 20 years approximately. However, a roof made of durable material and installed correctly can last more than that. Usually, it depends on various factors like the quality of roofing material, climate condition, roofing structure, and the building design of your house.

The cost of a new roof depends on several factors like the roofing material you selected, local labor cost, location of your home, and the time of year. Contact our customer services to get a free quote for installing a new roof.

Our Proficiency

Quality Materials

To make our company stand out amongst other roofing companies, we have set our standards and codes very high. Our company uses only the best roofing materials available on the market because we know that a cheap material can be expensive for a homeowner in the long run.

Spotless Reputation

Pitt Crew Contractors enjoys a spotless reputation among roofing companies in Blakeslee, PA. You can ask our numerous satisfied customers throughout Blakeslee, PA, about their experience while working with us. You will indeed find us to be a company that is trusted to deliver.


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