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An Experienced Outdoor Patio Construction Company in Brenham, TX

As an experienced outdoor patio construction company in Brenham, TX, Patio Builders offers patio design and installation services, increasing your property’s value and curb appeal. We only use quality materials and strive to finish every project on time. Our experienced and reliable professionals pay close attention to every detail you provide, and it would be our pleasure to help you turn your place into your dream landscape. We have a creative and knowledgeable design team, so you are perfectly matched with a professional designer.

There is nothing more vital for us than having a satisfied client. So, we never disappoint our customers and deliver quality construction services at affordable prices. Contact us to find more about our services and see how our professionals give a stunning look to your property.

Our Services

Patio Contractors

Patio Builders has a team of professional and experienced patio contractors in Brenham, TX, and has completed hundreds of patio installation projects. We can work on any idea you have in your mind, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and increasing property value.

General Contractors

We are proven and experienced general contractors in Brenham, TX, offering comprehensive construction services. Our professionals ensure our signature attention to every detail at any stage of the construction project.

Construction Company

With years of proven success in the landscaping industry, Patio Builders is a leading and award-winning construction company in Brenham, TX. We always strive for construction excellence in our extensive work, providing innovative solutions for clients in all aspects of the building process.

Patio Builders

Being one of the leading patio builders in Brenham, TX, we offer customized and affordable patio installation and repair services. We do more than just complete projects and always go the extra mile to satisfy our customers.

Deck & Patio Contractors

Patio Builders is one of the best deck & patio contractors in Brenham, TX, delivering stunning landscaping solutions at affordable prices. We always ensure quality craftsmanship in transforming your space into a private resort.


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Our Additional Benefits

As a locally-owned and operated outdoor patio construction company in Brenham, TX, we offer quick, efficient, affordable deck and patio construction services. We make sure every job is perfect and handled with the utmost care. In addition, we respect your precious time and schedule general construction services to accommodate your schedule. We go one step further than other contractors and do quality work beyond clients’ expectations for their satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we guarantee our craft to give our customers complete peace of mind.

You can buy materials for your outdoor patio installation, but we don’t warranty such installations. Our experienced technicians can assist you in buying quality materials for longstanding results.

Yes, our initial consultation is free, and we provide transparent and accurate pricing estimates.

Yes, we are fully insured, bonded, and certified contractors in Brenham, TX.

We have a team of licensed and certified technicians who ensure your comfort. Furthermore, we guarantee the honesty of our professionals.

Why Choose Us

Excellent Workmanship

We offer quality outdoor living experiences you can be proud of. With years of experience in the construction industry, we take the artistry and quality of every project very seriously. That’s why we stand by our work with our exclusive warranty on patio installations.

Neighborly Respect

Construction projects can be disruptive to you and your neighbors. They often bring noise, dust, and multiple workers. We pledge our respect to your surroundings, no matter how complicated or extensive the project is. And we strive to minimize the disruption’s impact and do whatever we can for a smooth installation.


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