Harris Commercial Group LLC is a trusted partner with BBB, Clorox, and Webb Chemical and Paper Co., Inc. We are specialized as a single-source commercial cleaning company with a MedMetrix Certification, a blood pathogen certification that allows us to disinfect and clean accommodations according to CDC guidelines, including health care facilities. We came as commercial cleaners in Charlotte, NC, intending to redefine cleaning standards in the industry. Our goal is to meet your cleaning need through our electrostatic cleaning services, traditional commercial cleaning services, and post-construction cleaning with a tailored budget to fulfill your requirements.

Reliable Commercial Cleaners for Higher Quality Cleaning

When it comes to maintaining your workplace or office building, the services you get, products you use, and policies you have in place make a big difference. Significantly, the commercial cleaners in Charlotte, NC, play the most crucial role. It’s hard to find a competent, reliable, modest commercial cleaning company that charges reasonably and respects you. This is why most people often find themselves searching for terms like commercial janitorial services near me. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of constantly switching the company, the best idea is to do thorough research beforehand. Because if you are unable to do so, you may end up in the never-ending loop of changing the companies. This is the reason why our BizFinderNearMe research team gathers a list of the best commercial cleaners in Charlotte, NC, and the things you need to know before hiring a firm.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Company for Your Building

Doing the proper research before hiring professional office cleaning services near me is paramount. And in this modern age, when we have the internet at our fingertips, such small research tasks have become very straightforward and easy. Suppose you perfectly select the right commercial cleaners in Charlotte, NC. In that case, you won’t have to worry about anything after that because they will always leave your house in a spotlessly clean condition. So if you are ready to hire the best janitorial services near you, here are the top tips you need to follow:

Start with Online Reviews and Basic Information About Commercial Cleaners in Charlotte, NC

The first step is to browse online directories and go through the basic information available on the companies’ profiles or websites providing commercial cleaning services like electrostatic cleaning services, traditional commercial cleaning services, and post-construction cleaning. Because it will help you understand their primary services, how they like to proceed, and what type of businesses they serve. You will also check their reviews to ensure credibility by the people who previously got their services.

Check Bonding, Insurance, Affiliations & Accreditations

Can the company cover any the cost of damaged things in case of an unfortunate event? And do they have proper licenses and affiliation to start with? All these things show how reliable a professional office cleaning services company is. If they fulfill all these preliminary requirements, you can proceed forward.

Permanent Employees or Contract Workers

Always confirm or directly ask the company if they have permanent employees or randomly get contract workers’ services. If it’s the latter one, the company providing commercial janitorial services near me may not be as sincere or professional as they claim. Because such workers are cheaper to hire, and they don’t go through a proper background check before hiring.

Services They Offer

Even though most companies provide you with general services, you will still need to ask and check details to see if they offer the same services your office requires. It’s best to hire a company that provides most of the benefits while keeping the quality entirely consistent. Commercial janitorial service companies usually cover floor maintenance, in-depth carpet cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, general janitorial services, and window cleaning and polish.

Eco-Friendly Solutions and Supplies

As responsible human beings, everyone should do their part when it comes to choosing solutions that will impact our planet. Sensibly keeping track of these things can make a difference not only for our environment but also for our workplaces. Make sure you are hiring a responsible commercial cleaning company that brings their supplies and uses them wisely.

Flexibility and Terms

Another thing that businesses neglect when hiring a professional cleaning company is that they do not emphasize terms and conditions to get maximum leniency. And they focus too much on prices and other factors. So if your business is also looking to hire a company for commercial office cleaning services, make sure to decide the correct terms clearly in the agreement.

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