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Are you searching for fast and affordable lawn care services? Harold and Ethel Plus Lawn Service is the answer to your search for lawn service near me! We have highly skilled and detail-oriented professionals who utilize their attention to detail skills to give your lawn a perfect look. We believe the yard plays a vital part in determining the overall image of your house. That is why we hire professionals that share our vision. Our experts are equipped with all the resources and expertise for breeding new life in your lawn, plants, and tree. Contact us today and get an instant quote for Lawn Services in East Palatka, FL, such as lawn aeration, small tree removal, gardening, small tree trimming, weed control, and more.
Harold and Ethel Plus Lawn Service specializes in offering Lawn Maintenance service in East Palatka, FL. We give special attention to our client’s feedback as they are the real asset of our company. Moreover, we are always keen to improve the quality of service, and we strive our best to realize the needs of clients to the best of our abilities. Our team is here to take care of your garden maintenance tasks, ensuring that your garden is kept in top condition. If you need us to handle the yard, air, yard cleanup, or more, you can put away your gardening equipment, relax on the porch with a hot cup of tea, and let us do our job.

Our Services

Lawn Services

Harold and Ethel Plus Lawn Services provides comprehensive and best-in-class lawn services in East Palatka, FL, including mowing, planting, landscape design, mulching, spring cleanup, and many more.

Lawn Care Service

We offer premium lawn care service in East Palatka, FL, as we're dedicated to maintaining the quality and convenience you rightfully deserve throughout the entire process. We’ll be pleased to get you your quote quickly, and our independent lawn care professionals will transform your lawn into a showpiece of the neighborhood year after year.

Lawn Maintenance Service

We know that maintaining a lawn has become a time-consuming and challenging task, especially in this era of technology where we barely have time to spend with our loved ones. That is why Harold and Ethel Plus Lawn Service is rendering Lawn Maintenance Service in East Palatka, FL so that you can focus on more productive things.

Tree Trimming

We provide wide-ranging lawn care services, including tree trimming in East Palatka, FL, to yield the perfect look for your yard. Our professionals have all the required resources, training, and skill needed to trim your trees to an optimum level.

Tree Removal

Everybody knows that removing a tree from its root requires specialized machinery and skills, involving complex calculations and other complexities. We are offering lawn maintenance services, including tree removal in East Palatka, FL. We assure you that this service will be provided to you with minimal disruption from our end and supervision from your end.


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At Harold and Ethel Plus Lawn Services, we strive to provide you with an extraordinary experience. Whether the project is a home or a commercial property, your complete satisfaction matters the most. Everything we do, our whole reputation, is to make sure you have a successful project. We offer more than just service, and that is why we spend a lot of our time cultivating and nurturing positive relationships with customers. Besides this, we value every opinion of our clients, and we incorporate changes accordingly to our service quality. Our impeccable painting services provide peace of mind because our professionals provide feasible solutions to significant and emerging lawn care issues.

Quick & Affordable Tree Services

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General Questions

Each type of grass requires a different height, but unless requested by the customer, we always cut as tall as possible depending on the type of grass. This ultimately prevents weeds and helps maintain a healthy lawn!

To keep your lawn healthy during this kind of season, you need an inch of rain per week. If the weather is dry, we suggest watering the lawn every five days for one hour at each spot covered by the sprinkler. Irrigation is your first line of response to turf disease and damage to help your lawn recover.

We try to schedule our commercial customers at the beginning of the week, and our residential customers are scheduled from Tuesday to Friday.

We generally recommend a weekly service because it will keep your lawn manageable, looking better, and healthy. We can constantly adjust service intervals in a dry period, so you don’t pay for a service you don’t need.

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Convenient & Value-Based Service

We know you have no choice but to maintain your lawn and garden. Harold and Ethel Plus Lawn Services gets the job done, so you don't have to, giving you peace of mind that you're getting the best value for your lawn and your wallet.

Experience That Matters

We’ve been enhancing lawns and landscapes for over a decade now. As your friendly neighborhood lawn care professional, we will handle your yard like it’s our own. During this period, countless customers have appreciated our service quality and are keen to do repeat business with us on a regular basis.


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