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The presence of junk on your property poses many dangers to your health and environment. Most of the wastes are flammable or contain chemicals that can irritate the environment if not disposed of properly. To keep Florida and its surroundings clean and clear, JunkOut Today provides junk removal services in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Our foremost priority includes making the junk removal process convenient for our clients. You just let us know about your location and the kind of junk present on your property. We will take all the necessary action to make your space free from junk. So many years of exceptional service have named us among the top junk removal companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Our Services

Appliance Removal

If you have a refrigerator that is no longer usable or you have bought a new one and can’t get rid of the old one by donating, don’t worry, pals! JunkOut Today LLC is providing its services for appliance removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Commercial Junk Removal Services

Running a business and managing your junk can be difficult for most business owners. We completely understand the importance of vacant space in any commercial property occupied by trash and debris. Call us to get our junk removal commercial services in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Cleanout Service

JunkOut Today LLC is performing cleanouts in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We have specialized junk removal trucks and trained professionals who will reach your place in little time and help you get rid of unwanted items.

Furniture Removal

Dumping an old couch in front of your house is not a good idea and is never appreciated by the local government. It is your headache to drop that old piece of furniture at a dumping facility. JunkOut Today LLC performs furniture removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL, to save you from hassle.

Post Construction Cleaning

When the dust settles down after construction, then the real work starts. We are providing post construction cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We will dust your wall, remove stickers from windows and do everything to raise your building to glory.

Storm Debris Removal

If the storm has dropped some unwanted items in your yard while visiting your place, take no worries. Call our customer care to get our services in storm debris removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We will help you remove all the debris that was brought by the storm.

Christmas Tree Removal

After joyfully enjoying your Christmas, you can’t afford to lose that joy in the hassle of removing a massive Christmas tree. We will be more than glad to offer Christmas tree removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Call us once your celebrations finish.

Electronic Waste Removal

Disposing electronic waste requires lots of care. Handling electronic waste without care can end up as a horrible accident. As the best performer of electronic waste removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we are equipped with all the knowledge and tools to systematically dispose of such waste.

Garbage Removal

Nobody likes garbage, especially its presence on their property, and believe us; we don’t like it either. But for the convenience of our clients, we are doing garbage removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Call us to make your house and Florida clean.

Mattress Removal

JunkOut Today provides safe and efficient mattress removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL, to help our customers get rid of their old mattress smoothly and free your space for other valuable uses. Call us and let us know when you want us to pick your mattress.

Residential Junk Removal Services

Most people living in residential areas do not have the resources and time to remove the junk from their yard or house. That is why we are providing junk removal residential services in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Give us a call to get your living space cleaned.

Yard Debris Removal

The yard is a great place to throw parties and have barbeques or other get-togethers. If the yard is not in its top-notch condition, it might ruin your moment of pleasure. We are performing yard debris removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


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The business strategy at Affordable Junk Service LLC is to be consistently reliable in providing quality services at all times. We take every job with a goal to making the client satisfied. Our Commitment to the green planet helps us in being motivated to deliver quality services. Other than our exceptional junk removal services and lovable customer services, we offer:

General Questions (FAQs)

Our workers will do all the required heavy lifting.

Yes, not everything is recyclable, but our professional tries to recycle most of your dump items.

We have a variety of packages to offer. You can select any of them according to your requirement.

Yes, call our customer care and schedule yard debris removal for your house.

Why Choose Us

Recycle and donate strategy

We can’t afford to make our planet dirtier. For this purpose, we try to donate most of the items we found from our clients. If we pick up something that is no longer usable, we crush it and transport it somewhere it can’t spread pollution.

Experienced crew

The most important skill required to perform a junk removal job is to know how to handle items with care. Our experienced crew always looks at the details and stays careful about not harming the owner’s property while removing junk from it.


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