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J&G Moving are a team of professionals that are providing exceptional moving services in Chicago, IL. We are committed to making the stressful time of moving an enjoyable moment. Whatever our customers demand from us related to moving, we will offer them without delay. We can move anything from a single piece to a whole house.

Our premier services and ultimate professionalism have helped us make the list of top moving companies in Chicago, IL. We proudly claim that no one can beat us in price and the quality service we have been offering to the people of Chicago for several years.

Our Services

Moving Services

J&G Moving offers affordable moving services in Chicago, IL. We will relieve you from the burden of moving. We can get you the services that you need to make your move smooth. Give us a call to get comprehensive moving services.

Commercial Moving Services

A commercial movement needs more considerable human resources and management skills to happen. We are comprehensively equipped with all the skills and workforce required to provide commercial moving services in Chicago, IL. Let us know about your requirement.

Furniture Assembly Services

Assembling furniture with the help of an instruction manual or without it can be difficult for some people. If you are one of them, consider hiring furniture assembly services in Chicago, IL. Our workers will reach your home with their tools and get your furniture assembled in no time.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Many of you don’t like wasting your time and energy in packing and unpacking your stuff. We are providing packing and unpacking services in Chicago, IL. You can get both services or either one of these according to your need. Just give us a call to get your services scheduled.

Labor Services

Whether you need extra pair of hands to help or an entire team working with you, our labor services in Chicago, IL are here to help. They can help you with packaging, lifting heavy objects, rearranging your furniture, and loading your stuff in a truck for moving.


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What other qualities do we have

We are working hard and are dedicated to strengthening our bonds with our customers so that we can be trusted as a leading moving company in Chicago, IL. We keep on developing qualities that can benefit our customers and help us build a great reputation. Some qualities that have proven helpful to our clients are:

General Questions

If you want the best experience and weather, then summer is the best time to move. However, prices are high in that season because of higher demand. We suggest you to move in off-peak season to save money.

If your moving date changes, you have to inform us as soon as possible. We will reschedule according to your schedule.

We will charge you after completing your relocation. In some cases, we have a deadline for payments. Call us to get more information about the payment method and payment schedule.

Time required to move any home depends on many factors like size of relocation, the distance of driving, and weather conditions.

No, you are not required to help them in lifting. You can instruct movers about packing or lifting. It would be best to focus on other important things like keeping children out of the way of movers.

Why choose us

Free consultation

J&G Moving are providing free consultation services and a free in-person visit to your home. Our expert will get to your place and will personally examine your moving needs. Then he will provide you a free estimate about our services and educate you about the process of moving to make it stress-free.

Safe handling

Our movers pay great attention to details and practice safe ways of handling your belongings, ensuring that no damage should be caused to them. We understand the value of items in your house and the pain you will suffer if they break or crack during the move.


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