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Providing Matchless Car Pricing for All Used Cars

When you come to HR Auto Sales LLC, we make every effort to make you feel at ease. You will never have to negotiate another used car pricing with HR Auto Sales LLC. Our set and fixed pricing eliminate the ambiguity around automobile pricing. All of our used automobiles are priced competitively and provide additional savings and reductions off the original price. Our ultimate objective is to revolutionize the entire used vehicle buying experience, from entering and exiting the dealership to driving away in the right used car. Begin exploring our used car inventory right now.

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Buying Used Cars
Do you want to trade in or sell your old vehicle or SUV for cash? HR Auto Sales LLC pays cash for used automobiles! Use your money to put down on your next used automobile, or enjoy obtaining top cash for your old car and investing in something else!
Car Detailing Services
Your car plays a vital role in your work performance. It safely takes you and your family to and from various locations. However, time and use may take their toll on your car. Our automobile detailers can make your car seem brand new through advanced auto detailing techniques.

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HR Auto Sales LLC has the tradition of prioritizing its customers and achieving perfect satisfaction with every thorough service. We place a high value on the look of our client’s vehicles, which is why we hold each of our expert mobile detailing professionals to the highest standards to assure the best service quality. This includes utilizing the best materials and ensuring that each professional is well educated and updated on the latest techniques in the vehicle detailing business. We try to meet and surpass our customers’ expectations through unmatched service and the practical luxury of mobile details. For additional information or to arrange a service, please get in touch with us immediately.

Quality Products

Our vehicle wash, interior cleaning, waxing, and other products are sourced from the top suppliers and are of the greatest quality! Our car detailers are well-trained and understand how to produce the perfect car detail. From washing and drying the paint to vacuuming the interior, our crew works hard to keep your car looking fresh and sanitary all year long!

Easy to Avail

Autocar detailing should be close by, simple to book, and simple to enjoy. Our detailing services make it simple for the average individual to get high-quality, thorough care delivered directly to their garage! Find the ideal day for you by using our online booking; tell us where you want your car cleaned, and we’ll be there. It’s really simple!


We own all of the vehicles featured on our website. We buy most of our cars from customers who have sold their automobiles to us. We then restore the car in one of our facilities, cleaning and detailing it before listing it on our website for you to view
complete detail service takes around 5 hours, while an internal or external detail takes about 3 hours. Trucks and SUVs require more time for quality results. Even with recreational vehicles, boat rides might last a whole day or more.
We would be pleased to provide you with a good car service plan tailored to your vehicle following your initial car detailing service.
When you order an auto detailing service, you can help us detail your car, truck, or other vehicles by emptying the holders and cargo space. All additional objects discovered will be placed in a bag for your convenience.
Yes, and whether you buy through us or not, our offer will remain the same.