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Expert Handyman & General Contractor INC is an award-winning contractor providing a full spectrum of professional contracting services to Cherry Hill, NJ. From inception till now, we have achieved a lot with our quality and impeccable services. This journey would not have been easy without our attitude to learn continuously and hold ourselves accountable for every job we promised. We provide General contractors in Cherry Hill, NJ, to address your construction and renovation needs. Our professionals hold all the necessary qualifications to perform their role in a construction project efficiently. We are devoted to going above and beyond to perform our duties as a handyman services provider. We have advanced practical and theoretical knowledge of various construction processes that make us our customers’ first choice.

Our Services

Countertop Installation Services

Getting countertops installed from our Countertop installation services in Cherry Hill, NJ, can help you make your kitchens and bathrooms more useful. If you want to add these design elements to your interiors, stop searching for "granite counter tops near me" and call us for our services.

Handyman Services

We provide handyman services in Cherry Hill, NJ, that will take care of all your repairing and remodeling requirements. Our professionals are experts in appliance installation, carpentry, plumbing, maintenance, property improvement, and minor electrical work.

General Contractors

Our General contractor service in Cherry Hill, NJ, find and hire individuals who can complete different construction jobs. We manage all the required equipment, materials, and services that can be essential for the smooth flow of your construction project.

Floor Refinishing Services

Suppose you see your hardwood floor has dents, scratches, or discolored floorboards. In that case, it indicates that you need floor refinishing services in Cherry Hill, NJ, to restore to its original glory completely. We also provide staining and recoating for your old and worn-out floors.

Flooring Services

Are you satisfied with the search results for "flooring installation near me"? Expert Handyman & General Contractor INC provides Flooring installation services in Cherry Hill, NJ, and hold ourselves fully responsible for customer satisfaction with our premium quality.

Remodeling Services

Do you want to enhance the appearance of your home? There is no need to search for "bathroom or kitchen remodel contractors near me." Expert Handyman & General Contractor INC provides their remodeling services in Cherry Hill, NJ, to address all your remodeling needs.

Granite and Quartz sales and installation

Solid stones are in high demand because of their durability and variety of designs. We are providing Granite and Quartz sales and installation services in Cherry Hill, NJ, in which each slab of Granite and Quartz is meticulously processed and installed for design enthusiasts.

Kitchen remodels

Our Kitchen remodeling services in Cherry Hill, NJ, can increase your property's marketability and overall worth. Whether you are looking for major alteration in your kitchen or energy-efficient upgrades, we can help you achieve your goals.

Kitchen contractors

Is looking for the best kitchen contractor a daunting task for you? We are expert kitchen contractors in Cherry Hill, NJ. Our experts are highly experienced and always follow the code of ethics. Each of them will value your construction project just as much as you do.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

If your hardwood flooring has suffered severe damages that have penetrated the finish and reached the wood, then you require Hardwood floor restoration in Cherry Hill, NJ. We will help you restore water-damaged boards and apply a new coat to enhance the finish.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

We provide Hardwood floor refinishing services in Cherry Hill, NJ, for the Hardwood floors whose beauty is diminished but are in good shape. Our services include buffing up the floor and applying a fresh coat of polyurethane which gives a glossy finish that protects the wood.

Hardwood Floor Repairs

If you see significant scratches or nails peeking through the Hardwood that cannot be restored or refinished, then it is a good idea to get Hardwood floor repairs services in Cherry Hill, NJ. We will replace wood boards that are damaged with new ones and apply a new layer of sealant.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Are you looking for a flooring that is easy to maintain and cost-effective in the long run? Our Hardwood floor installation services in Cherry Hill, NJ, can help you fulfill your desire. Our installed Hardwood flooring is sustainable and increases the value of your home.

Luxury Vinyl Floor Installation

Vinyl floor is a resilient form of flooring because of its water resistance and low maintenance. We provide Vinyl floor installation in Cherry Hill, NJ, to take care of all your vinyl flooring projects. Our experts have vast experience in installing and maintaining Luxury Vinyl floorings.

Laminated Floor Installation

Laminate flooring is a durable flooring option as it doesn't scratch as easily as other flooring materials. We have a wide range of Synthetic Laminated flooring options available that can maintain their look over time. Give us a call if you need Laminated floor installation services in Cherry Hill, NJ.


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At Expert Handyman and General Contractor INC, we specialize in designing and implementing custom kitchen and bathroom, customized bookshelves installation, refinishing and repairing floors, restoring and maintaining exteriors, and installing recessed and LED lights. Our company’s business model is based on providing specifically tailored services that fit the needs of our customers that make us more successful in sales, services, and retention of our clients. Whether you are looking for Flooring companies in Cherry Hill, NJ, or are planning to get your house renovated, we are just a call away. Our core principles include:

General Questions

No, permits are required for several home improvements like installing and repairing the fence, adding a structural beam, roofing, and adding electrical outlets to your house.

No, our services include providing labor, building material, and all the equipment required for the construction project.

Yes, we can, but we have to visit your house or site to provide a more accurate estimate.
Yes, most of the subcontractors that we employ have been working with us for several years. They are skilled workers and have completed many projects with us.
Not necessarily; most homeowners like to stay in their homes during remodeling, mainly when the job is limited to only one part of the house.

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Innovative Designs

Our professionals have learnt the use of different design tools and processes to generate new ideas and implement them efficiently. Whether it’s the design of flooring or interior’s decoration, we will help you turn your ideas into a real product.

Because of our professionalism, we cast an outstanding impression on our customers, allowing them trust us. We keep a high level of professionalism in our conduct, working attitude, and behavior with our customers.

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