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Are you looking for garage door service near me in Texas? Eve Garage Door is an industry-leading company providing highly efficient, reliable, and affordable garage door services in Houston, TX. As garage doors are an integral part of your home security system, they must be dependable at all times during the year. If your garage door isn’t functioning up to the standards, your property is likely at risk. Burglars are keen to keep an eye on weak spots of a property, and garage doors take all their attention, as it is the primary entrance to your house, warehouse, workshop, office, or factory. You need high-quality garage door services in Houston, TX, to ensure your Houston property is protected. Eve Garage Door has incorporated a team of specialist garage door experts that can handle any garage door service job.

Whether it’s a commercial property, residential, or industrial, we have a team trained to provide you with modern garage door services for all kinds of places.

Our Services

Residential Garage Doors

The specialists at Eve Garage Door are proficient in residential garage door services in Houston, TX. We will ensure that your home's garage door is protected and offers maximum security. After all, we know what you're looking for and are prepared to provide you with it.

Commercial Garage Door

As garage door experts, we handle all sorts of commercial garage door services in Houston, TX, and many other Texas cities. There can be many unique situations on a commercial property, and we ensure that your garage door is able to handle them.

Industrial Garage Door

Not only are we experts in commercial services, but we also have solutions for industrial garage doors in Houston, TX, for big factories like manufacturing facilities, loading docks, fire departments, and more. Trust the professionals at Eve Garage Doors for all garage door needs.

Garage Door Installations

We are the #1 provider of garage door installation services in Houston, TX. At Eve Garage Door, we're proud to carry the top brands for garage doors and equipment for residential, commercial & industrial garage doors. Call now for budget-friendly prices.

Garage Door Repairs

If you're in need for garage door repair near me and are in Texas, then get in touch with Eve Garage Door experts for fully reliable garage door repairs in Houston, TX, that you can count on. We deliver a 100% satisfactory job as we care about your security and well-being.

Garage Door Replacements

People rely on us due to our honesty in garage door replacements in Houston, TX. We never ask our customers to replace a garage door if it is not an imminent threat. We train our staff members to be always honest in performing their duties with integrity.

One-Stop-Source for Garage Door Services

We specialize in industrial and commercial garage doors, and we understand the intricacies of a commercial or industrial workspace. Rest assured, your security is our top concern. At Eve Garage Doors, we provide quality repairs, replacements, and new installations. So even if you’re looking for “garage door repair near me,” we got you fully covered! We use advanced tools and equipment to get the best results for our garage door services, and our staff is extensively trained in maintaining the security garage doors offer.


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Our Fast-Inventory & Resources

We understand the value of time and money for our clients. Hence we carry a large inventory of garage door parts and resources to ensure we can provide you garage door services without interruptions or delays. As garage doors are a security concern, they cannot be left unattended.

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General Questions

Yes, most of our garage door repair, replacement, and installation services are carried out the same day of the call.

There can be many reasons why a garage door makes loud noises. Generally, older garage doors and non maintained garage doors make loud noises due to garage door chains, pulleys, springs, etc.

: It is strongly advised never to adjust the springs yourself as the garage door springs are under heavy tension and can get dropped to cause serious injuries.

There isn’t a set time, though it depends on your usage; if your garage door opens and closes 2 to 4 times a day, then you need maintenance every few months.

You can pay in cash, through a credit card or check as per your preference.

Why People Choose Us?

As we are one of the most trustworthy garage door service providers in Texas, people choose us due to our reliability and dependability. We never let our customers down and go above and beyond to provide maximum assistance, especially in emergencies.

Our Specialties

Professional Expertise

Our garage door specialists are heavily experienced in garage door new installations, maintenance, repairs, and replacements. That’s why we can handle any garage door job with confidence and proficiency.

Trustworthy & Reliable Staff

When it comes to garage doors, you need a service provider that’s trustworthy and dependable. Garage doors are essential for your security, and you should only let someone reliable perform work on your garage doors.


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