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Reliable Pond Cleaning & Building Services in Mineral Wells, TX

Routine maintenance on your pond or water feature, like any other outdoor object exposed to Texas’ severe climate, is critical. Ed Allen Dozer Service can provide a fully customized maintenance plan to ensure that your ponds operate at peak efficiency and are free of algae and bacteria that detract from the water’s attractiveness. When the weather warms up in the spring, koi ponds should be appropriately opened and closed before winter. Water pH levels and other chemicals should be tested regularly to guarantee the health of your pond and fish throughout the season. Ed Allen Dozer Service is delighted to assist you by providing pond cleaning &building services in Mineral Wells, TX. We are an expert in detecting potential problems for your pools for over 30 years.

Our Services

Brush Clearing
If you’re concerned about the next fire season, let us assist you in keeping your property safe. We specialize in brush clearing in Mineral Wells, TX, for a new building and clearing brush to keep woods and meadows healthy. Our expertise and heavy machinery can remove acres of brush in a single day.
Pond Cleaning & Building
Ed Allen Dozer Service provides quality pool cleaning & building services in Mineral Wells, TX, for residential and commercial projects. Our pond building and cleaning services make your fish’s environment healthier and safer while also making it more appealing.
Site Preparation
Ed Allen Dozer Service has got you covered, from equipment/work platforms or temporary water crossings to site preparation. We provide a wide range of safe and efficient site preparation services in Mineral Wells, TX, including land clearing, erosion control, grading, matting, and rock installation.
Land Grading & Levelling
Without appropriate sorting and leveling, you might end up with significant issues. We offer leveling and grading services in Mineral Wells, TX, for households and businesses. We are dedicated to making your favorite places even more attractive and accessible.
Pond Excavation
Excavation is critical to the success of a building project. We promise exceptional service to all of our customers as a reputable and trusted excavation and demolition company in the Mineral Wells, TX area. We take pleasure in our ventures’ dedication to site safety, professionalism, and quality.
While each hauling job necessitates a unique solution, we endeavor to give each customer prompt and cost-effective service. Our customers receive personalized services, and their property is always treated with care to avoid collateral damage during the hauling process.
House Pads
Rocky terrain, steep slopes, deep removal, and reconsolidation – We do it right the first time! We’ve been building home pads for over thirty years. Therefore you’ve come to the right location because we’re skilled constructors. We can handle any block, no matter how large, little, or intricate.
Demolition Service
Structure and building destruction is a complicated and possibly hazardous procedure. As a result, these services should be performed by specialists. If you need to destroy an abandoned structure or utility, Ed Allen Dozer Service is ready to help.

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Our goal is to provide our customers with unequaled service and high-quality land clearing services by utilizing innovative equipment and professional staff. Keep in mind that the economical choice is not always the best for land clearing. You can trust our professional team for reliable pool maintenance services when you don’t have time for its cleaning. Our specialists have the skills to completely clean a project site and grade it to your exact standards. This ensures that you have the most outstanding possible foundation on which to work.

Quality Service Every Time

Quality Service Every Time

We will provide you with the highest quality and service the first time and at the best pricing. We will work safely, professionally, and relentlessly to surpass your expectations. Every time you subscribe to our service, our objective is to provide you with value-based service and serve to utmost perfection. We believe in doing repeat business with our customers through quality service and exceptional customer care.



We have 30 years of hands-on experience to perfect our approaches, and we also have a family-owned business structure, which means that anytime you call, you’re dealing with actual people who have genuine answers! You will only need us once since we are dedicated to perfection. This focus has enabled us to work with many loyal clients in Texas for over 30 years!


We recommend that you should do everything to make the location as accessible as possible. If this is beyond your reach, notify the excavating company about any potential challenges. If feasible, you should also move anything on the property that is in the way.
We are a full-service excavating company thus we handle everything. After the ground has been cleaned, we will carry the debris to a secure disposal facility or storage if you choose to save the items.
Rather than guessing, call Ed Allen Dozer Service to come to your area. We’ll assess if a license is necessary. If this is the case, we can gladly assist you in collecting all of the necessary papers to ensure that your job is totally legal.
You are not required to be on-site when work is underway. We won’t mind if you come to the site, but we recommend wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). We prioritize your safety above anything, and everything else is secondary!
Yes! To avail of our services, you must be the legal owner or a legal representative of the owner.