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Doug’s Home & Wall Doctor goes the extra mile to ensure the client’s ease. We offer flexible and hassle-free professional drywall repair services in Sammamish WA, and you can catch us any time from 7 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, for possible same-day appointments and free estimates.

About Doug’s Home and Wall Doctor

Doug’s Home and Wall Doctor has been serving the greater professional drywall repair services in Sammamish WA area for years. We offer prompt, professional, and high-quality service to all our clients. We have hundreds of references available from satisfied clients.  Call us today to see why we come so highly recommended!

At Doug’s Home and Wall Doctor, we aim to increase our quality and minimize customer costs. We believe in the most transparent pricing, and hence you can get estimates at any time without any obligation. We can even provide you with a quote from just a picture. You can send us the images of the places by emailing or directly texting. And if you want our team to visit you for a precise estimate, just call us to schedule a meeting, and we will come to your house for assessment. We have extensive expertise and years of experience in repairing and replacing areas with new drywall that matches your existing texture. Furthermore, a suitable time to call us would be when the electricians and plumbers leave holes that need to be finished appropriately.

What Makes Our Company #1 Professional Drywall Repair Services in Sammamish WA

Drywall Repairs We Offer

Multiple things can cause damage to your walls. Doug’s Home & Wall Doctor offers the best fixing solutions for almost all of them with proficiency

Hairline Cracks

They are also known as general cosmetic or structural cracks – we fix these common issues that happen due to stress and settling. Even though they are thin, they still don’t look good.

Moisture Damage

When there’s humidity in weather or some leaks, constant wetting of drywall cause it to loose its strength and structural integrity over time. We resolve these issues with flawlessness.

Regular Wear and Tear

Even during perfect conditions, wear and tear cannot be stopped, so we offer the best maintenance services for drywalls.

Damage by Pests

Mice can cause severe damage to your drywalls, but we have years of experience fixing damage caused by pests so that you can count on us.

Wall Anchor Holes

Drywall anchors and picture hanging hole need repair? We eliminate them so everything look like new. We eliminate them, so everything looks seamless.

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Our company differentiates itself from others in the market with unique qualities.

Total Dedication for Drywall Repair

Our company is mainly focused on providing drywall repairs only, and our quality stays consistent by focusing on one service at a time.

Uncompromised Customer Service

We take customers exceptionally seriously, and you won’t experience any service issues with our team.

Licensed and Insured

Licensing and insurance are essential for peace of mind, no matter how experienced a worker is. You can confirm our license: DOUGSHW820ME.


Owners of all commercial and residential buildings can avail of our services with the highest quality of work.

Transparent Pricing

Customers trust us because we are always upfront and honest about pricing.

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