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With 13 years of experience, Dominion Tax Services has completed tax preparation and tax audits to serve individuals and businesses with the best income tax services in Baltimore, MD, and nearby communities. We are flexible with our customers to provide them with a professional and satisfactory service experience. Our industry-leading experts will discuss your needs in-depth to find the best to file your taxes, so you have one less trade to worry about.

Dominion Tax Services aims to provide you with the best tax money products and solutions every year. We will file your taxes correctly to get the most out of your returns. Call us at (410) 585-4469 to learn more about our income tax services for Baltimore, MD, and surrounding areas.

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Business Tax Return Preparation

Our knowledgeable team of professional accountants offers proficient and reliable business tax return preparation in Baltimore, MD, and surrounding communities. We guarantee 100% accuracy and transparency in our taxes.


Individual Tax
Return Preparation

With over a decade of experience, Dominion Tax Services offers individual tax return preparation services in Baltimore, MD, and neighboring communities to let you spend more time doing what you love.  


Corporate Tax Services

Dominion Tax Services has extensive experience providing efficient corporate tax services in Baltimore, MD, and adjacent locations. Our expertise combined with modern technology ensures you will get effective tax results.  


E-Filing Services

Dominion Tax Services offers qualified and professional e-filing services in Baltimore, MD, and nearby areas to electronically file a case to the court. Our professionals are compliant with all current e-filing standards in Baltimore.




We have a qualified team of experienced and professional accountants in Baltimore, MD, with solutions to streamline your business operations. Moreover, they can advise on investments or debt, perform audits, financing, and analyze your financial statements.


Book Keeping

Dominion Tax Services offers transparent and reliable bookkeeping services in Baltimore, MD, and nearby areas. When you hire us, one of our professional bookkeepers will set you up for success by going through your previous records line by line and keeping them up to date.

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Dominion Tax Services is here to deal with the most crucial and daunting task of taxes and return filing to ensure your business follows a positive graph. Our team of professional accountants will help you focus on exploring new opportunities, generating more profits, and expanding your serving area. With proficiency in this field, we are responsible for preparing your taxes with no risk of making errors in your statements. To reduce the financial uncertainties, we will assist you in handling complex business problems and detecting any potential issues. In short, Dominion Tax Services will lower your overall income tax liabilities. So, preserve your wealth by hiring our professional and top-rated accountants in Baltimore, MD. By getting our services, you can enjoy the following service benefits:

Max Refund Guarantee
Experienced Tax Pros
Multiple Ways to File
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Free Consultations
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Experienced & Qualified

Our tax preparers have years of knowledge and can educate you while filing your taxes, rather than input numbers into a computer. They know thousands of tax laws to answer your questions and help you understand your liabilities.

One-To-One Relation

At Dominion Tax Services, we strive to build a personal connection with each of our customers. We discuss their needs with them in-depth to find the best tax return solutions for their business. Let us review your previous year’s tax return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Filing your income return is your duty and earns you the dignity of contributing to the nation’s development.

Yes. Though, if received from the United Nations Organisation it is exempted.​​

Generally, you must file a federal return with the IRS if it is required. Even if the federal return is not needed, you may be required to file a Maryland return.

If you need to change your income tax return, a professional accountant can assist you with the best possible solution. Contact Dominion Tax Services for qualified income tax services in Baltimore, MD, and nearby areas.

We have been offering income tax services in Baltimore, MD, and nearby areas for 13 years.

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