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Smooth real estate transactions are our foremost priority. We help people easily buy or sell different properties with a hassle-free experience throughout the entire process. Our commitment to a productivity-specific focused community brings that what you need.
Dana Behar – Coldwell Banker Realty is a leading real estate company focused on always doing the right things with particular attention to client needs. We optimize the strategic high-mindedness every single day to bring your vision into life, no matter whether you want to buy or sell a property. Our team has reached a significant market position by using reliable networks and marketing tools that ensure the exceptional combination of customer satisfaction and our success. Our viable solutions are designed to surpass the current market standards and become a leading real estate agency.

Real Estate Agents in Santa Monica CA - A Track Record That Speaks For Itself

Dana Behar – Coldwell Banker Realty is a full-service real estate agency aiding individuals in buying or selling residential & commercial properties in Santa Monica, CA. We unite top real estate agents in Santa Monica CA with unparalleled service and state-of-the-art innovation to give the ideal experience to our clients. Our qualified realtors have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, and therefore they can help with a variety of real estate transactions. They have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market. We trust the Realtors in our group to address our organization since they are somebody we would confide in if we were making a property deal.

Professional Real Estate Agents in Santa Monica CA

Our homes are lifetime ventures combined with strong personal ties. Purchasing home positions is among our clients’ most significant encounters, and our professional real estate agents in Santa Monica CA approach the errand with responsiveness, concern, and expert ability. We observe that our strategy of making a completely assembled rundown of expected properties and surveying it exhaustively with the purchaser decreases time and prompts a quicker deal at a premium cost. It’s another reason we are among the leaders in the real estate market, and we thank you for this qualification and the chance to serve you!

Live Your Dream of Home Ownership With the Best Real Estate Agents in Santa Monica CA

At Dana Behar – Coldwell Banker Realty, we realize that buying or selling property in Santa Monica CA, is stressful. Plus, we ensure that buyers don’t overpay for the property they are buying and sellers don’t leave any cash on the table when selling their property. With so many stages of the cycle, it tends to be simple for things to get lost in the noise. Let our accomplished and best real estate agents in Santa Monica CA assist you with finding and buying your fantasy home or commercial space you want. We can likewise assist with farmland, lake houses, and then some. We help you live the life you desire with our smart property buying & selling approach. Call now!

Our Services

Property Buying

We stand behind every gratifying buying experience. We offer the best property buying services in Santa Monica, CA, to ensure your convenience in purchasing the right property, whether residential or commercial, within your financial constraints.

Property Selling
Selling often seems hectic, but not anymore. Our team specializes in customer assistance when selling a property. Our customer-centric property selling services in Santa Monica, CA, when sought, can be highly beneficial to selling a property at top dollar.
Contract Writing
We offer the best contract writing services in Santa Monica, CA, to record every part of the deal in a documented form. Our team pays attention to all legal obligations to ensure legal protection in case of a buyer or seller disruption.
Home Search
You cannot alone find a home that suits your lifestyle. We come up with exceptional home search services in Santa Monica, CA, to conduct a search in the area and find you one of the most lavish accommodations. Let us find a home of your vision.

Why Choose Us

Constantly Evolving Real Estate Solutions

Expert real estate agents at Dana Behar – Coldwell Banker Realty have been open for operations for years, analyzing the market trends and following the market variations to keep our customers at ease while helping them with their transactions. We follow a stream of positive approaches to meet our customers’ underlying real estate requirements, helping them with unquestionably reliable property showing, management, and search. We place a premium on the standards we cherish to get you covered. We pledge to provide a wave of benefits while rendering our passion. You can stay assured of our dedication to making everything simple and direct, from contracting writing to offer negotiation to deal closure. Below are some things that set us apart:

High Service Standards

We aim to elevate our service standards with each passing day and do not let them wane. You can stay assured of our systematic process to give maximum attention to your buying or selling project. Our team will get you to the destination where you want to be.

Market Knowledge

Our unwavering interest in offering the most dedicated real estate solutions has bestowed us with extensive market knowledge, which adds value to our reliability and reputation to be the choice of every buyer and seller.


Yes, we have qualified and experienced appraisers who can estimate the right value for any property.
Yes, we have many MLS listings where you can select the property of your dreams.
Yes, we can put our best effort into your job to get your house sold within a month.
Yes, you can get in contact with our expert realtors for a free consultation.
Of course! Our team is available seven days a week for your assistance.