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Customcraft Handyman Services & Specialty Painting

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Prompt & Courteous Painting services in Farmersville, TX

As a dependable and qualified servicing company, Customcraft Handyman Services & Specialty Painting provides a wide range of painting services in Farmersville, TX specific to customer needs. If you seek to employ a company with a trained and certified professional ready to serve its customers, you’ll be delighted to know that you have found the right place. We utilize modern approaches and techniques to meet our clients’ expectations, creating long-lasting and leaving intuitive impressions on the perceiver’s mind through our world-class service. Our specialized and experienced painters are eager to go above and beyond to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction by finalizing projects within a set timeframe and deadline. Customcraft Handyman Services & Specialty Painting is your ultimate solution to your home, office, and residential-based renovation problem. Throughout our 24 years of business, we have been providing excellent paint solutions to numerous clients, and we are always prepared to serve our customers at their earliest convenience.

Our Services

Painting Services

We are providing dependable painting services in Farmersville, TX. Whether it’s an entire house, a room, or a wall, we can get it painted to your satisfaction. Our workers will do whatever it takes to give a charming look to your property.

Carpentry Services

Our name suggests that we specialize in designing custom crafts tailored to your needs and ideas. We claim that we have a courteous and highly trained team that is just right to fulfill your needs for carpentry services in Farmersville, TX.

Handyman Services

At Customcraft Handyman Services & Specialty Painting, we trust in delivering premium quality handyman services in Farmersville, TX, at affordable prices. That’s why our professionals specializing in all kinds of major and minor home repairs are chosen by residents of Farmersville.

Roof Repairs Services

We are pretty familiar that letting the roof stay damaged for too long can incur more costs with the passage of time. You’ll be glad to know serving customers is our top priority. That is why our team stands by 24 hours, seven days a week, to address your queries and supply quality roof repair services in Farmersville, TX.

Plumbing Services​

We know how to tackle household emergencies and are aware that delaying such matters might put you in discomfort or may increase your maintenance costs. That is why we are offering plumbing services in Farmersville, TX, to take care of your house.

Lighting Services

We are pleased to claim that our company offers customized lighting services in Farmersville, TX that deliver the quality lighting your business rightfully deserves. We are committed to customizing the experience to surpass all your expectations.
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Experience & Workmanship

We have more than 24 years of expertise in delivering reliable custom craft and handyman services to our customers. We have earned a reputation for concluding various projects without any delays. Our customers have consistently appreciated our painting services and the products we use for handyman services.

Always Available to Contact

We believe in the availability of service when you want. So, if it has something you have put off for a long time or an emergency, contact us, and we will be there with prompt efficiency.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our services are available 24 hours, seven days a week, and our team is always delighted to serve you to the best of their abilities.
Currently, we are offering services only in cash.
Generally, we recommend and appreciate the presence of the property’s guardian, but if you can’t supervise the performance of the service you ordered, it is completely fine. We guarantee seamless delivery of service with zero tolerance for service quality.
You may schedule your appointment with us by either calling us, reaching us on our website, or emailing us.


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What Else Do We Offer?

We offer more than just service, and that is our prompt and premium quality service. Our competently skilled staff is always prepared to tackle and conquer every challenge that may show up during their work. We promise to provide you with complete handy services, including remedying dry walls, designing custom crafts, and delivering consistent results. Our services have been repeatedly commended due to the delivery of error-free and spotless attractive painting experiences. This will ultimately result in cherishing your mood through the ease we create for you by taking care of all of your household routine problems. Our handyman services proved peace of mind because our professionals provide feasible solutions to significant painting and carpentry issues.

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