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At CodeRedd Overhead Doors, we handle everything from garage door supply and installation to maintenance and repair. Above all, we consider customer service as our top priority. Our professional door technicians have undergone extensive training and are certified. We have expert electricians and welders for garage door repair in Desoto, TX, who make every effort to deliver prompt and effective service. We provide end-to-end services for both residential and commercial clients. With our in-house financing services, you can afford to have a new garage door installation in Desoto, TX. CodeRedd Overhead Doors is a major provider of overhead garage doors, specializing in high-quality goods at reasonable costs. Our team uses high-quality materials to offer the highest quality services. You can count on us to provide rich quality and availability of a wide range of products.

Our Services

Cable Repair

Our professionals who work with garage door cable repair in Desoto, TX on a daily basis have the knowledge and experience to complete the task correctly the first time. They can swiftly and effectively identify the issue and resolve it with minimal fuss and a lower probability of breaking down again.

Roller Installation

Rollers are essential to protect the premises and prevent intruders from entering the premises. CodeRedd Overhead Doors provides the best roller installation in Desoto, TX, which will work efficiently

Cable Installation

Cables are under a lot of pressure and can snap any minute if not handled correctly. Our team of professionals at CodeRedd Overhead Doors has the proper training to provide cable installation in Desoto, TX, carefully and without any damage.

Garage Door Installation

Our experts have the necessary tools and know-how to complete the task quickly and efficiently. A warranty will cover the work if something goes wrong. We are the best option if you wish for a rapid, efficient, and economical garage door installation in Desoto, TX.

Garage Door Repair

Our professional garage door technicians can swiftly diagnose the issue and have your garage door running properly in no time. We can help you get the most out of your garage door since we are professionals in garage door repair in Desoto, TX.

Opener Repair and Installation

Our garage door technicians have a wealth of experience and the essential expertise and knowledge to resolve your problems. They have the right tools for opener repair and installation in Desoto, TX, and they're usually covered by the proper paperwork, such as liability insurance and warranties.


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At CodeRedd Overhead Doors, every customer receives an exceptionally high degree of professional service and dependability from our highly qualified specialists. Our team takes the time to work with customers to build solutions that are customized to their specific requirements and budgets. We pay close attention to what our customers require and adequately explain all available options, features, benefits, and operating directions. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A garage door is a hefty and large moving object at your home. It is recommended to use professional help because unprofessional installation and repair can cause serious injury or damage.

The type and size of the door are the most important aspects to consider when pricing a door. However, numerous other factors and options can influence the price. You can get price estimate over the phone, but it’s best to provide as much information as possible regarding your measurements and site conditions.

Yes, we are a properly licensed, insured, and bonded garage door service company.

Yes, most of the time we can perform the garage door repair service the same day after diagnosing the problem

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Latest Repair Tech

As professionals in the area, our garage door service team will have high-quality and up-to-date equipment that will ensure the task is completed promptly and safely the first time!

Access To Experts

Our professionals can draw upon years of experience maintaining different doors in varied settings. These experiences, combined with a desire to maintain CodeRedd Overhead Doors’ reputation, will ensure that your repair needs are met with a great customer experience.


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