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Best Flooring Services in Seven Hills, OH

Betts Flooring has established itself as one of the best flooring firms in the industry thanks to our knowledge, creativity, and value-added services. We have been gaining new talents and expanding our portfolio of successful projects by providing the best flooring services in Seven Hills, OH, and nearby areas. We are experts at installing, refinishing, and restoring modern and traditional flooring.

At Betts Flooring, we’re also experienced in installing commercial flooring that matches your company’s identity and needs. We communicate with our customers at every step since we understand the necessity of sticking to deadlines. You may rely on our experience if you want a visually pleasing floor with an exquisite design and superior finishes.


Our Services

With over 30 years of industry-leading experience, Betts Flooring provides impeccable flooring services in Seven Hills, OH, and nearby areas. Whether you need to install new floors or want to restore your existing ones, give us a call today.
Refinishing Services
Make your floor look brand new by getting our professional floor refinishing services in Seven Hills, OH, and nearby communities. We can revitalize your floors utilizing our incomparable expertise and high-speed machines.
Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Professional team of wood floor refinishing experts at Betts Flooring specializes in hardwood floor refinishing in Seven Hills, OH, and adjacent communities. We ensure our customers are satisfied with the outcome.
Laminate Floor Repair
With over three decades of experience, we offer quality and efficient laminate floor repair services in Seven Hills, OH, and surrounding communities. Get a free no-obligation estimate by calling us at (216) 324-4422.

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Our Additional Service Benefits

Because a homeowner must deal with various suppliers, subcontractors, and manufacturers, the complexity of a flooring project can put him under a lot of stress. Betts Flooring will be responsible for all aspects of quality flooring installation, refinishing, and restoration when you deal with us. By carefully organizing, scheduling, preparing, and completing your job on schedule, we will help you ease your stress. Before we start working on your flooring, we’ll provide you with a detailed and accurate estimate. We offer the following services to maintain the safety, cleanliness, and long-term durability of your flooring:

Experts in repairs

Experts in Repairs

Our skilled floor installers’ knowledge is sufficient to address any of your questions. There are no damages that our professionals cannot fix. Consider having your floor repaired rather than replaced if you’re on a tight budget.



Because we are completely insured, we will make your floor installation experience as stress-free as possible. Incidents are unlikely to occur while working with our professionals. However, you won’t have to be concerned if something goes wrong with your personnel while they’re on the job.


Not right away, but it can be harmful if it isn’t cleaned in a timely fashion.
You are welcome to stay; however, most of our customers leave a key or a door open for our technicians.
No, our technicians will move your furniture while installing your floors.
Because hardwood is a natural product, it will have natural color variations.
Yes. Betts Flooring is open seven days a week for your convenience, subject to prior arrangements.