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Up Top Honda Auto Mobile Service is a family-owned auto repair shop in North York, ON, providing reliable automotive repairing and diagnostic services. We have some of the most knowledgeable automobile mechanics in the town that do their best to diagnose the issue in your car and fix it in the minimum time possible. Our mechanics at a mobile auto shop in North York, ON, contains all the essential tools in carrying out all types of complex or straightforward repairs.

Delivering our clients the best service at a low price is our most precious asset. Whatever issue you are having in your automobile, we will like to look at it and love to fix it for you. We believe in doing repairs fair and square. If you want someone to take care of your car as you do, we are the ones to trust with your car. Do not hesitate to ask for an estimate for your repairs.

Our Services

Transmission Repair

Transmission often suffers from damages as it is the most used mechanical part of your car along with your engine. It is not affordable for everyone to replace them every time. Our affordable transmission repair services in North York, ON, can help you save a lot of money.

Auto Repair

To make your ride run smoother and add comfort to it, we provide auto repair services in North York, ON. We have ample experience working on different automobiles and have gathered quality tools to fix all problems with any mechanical part in your car.

Mobile Auto Shop

Mechanical parts in your car can break down anytime and anywhere without any warning. We have a mobile auto shop in North York, ON, to get you out of the emergency. Our technicians are a call away from the spot where you are stuck with your broken car.

Oil Change

To ease up the functioning of your car's engine, we provide oil change services in North York, ON. Additionally, we have a wide range of oils and synthetic fluids available from which you can choose depending on your usage and preferences.


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What Else Do We Offer

We sincerely care about our customers’ cars and love to work on them. That’s why we offer At-home automobile repair and diagnostic services. Our booking process is straightforward, which means you need to put zero effort into getting your car fixed. Our top priority has always been complete client satisfaction. Our auto repair shop has a long history of providing high-quality service. We operate 24/7, which means you can come to us anytime you need our help. Our repairing services are not limited to any single brand or mechanical system. We can quickly fix the issue in suspensions, engines, brakes, batteries, gearboxes, mufflers, exhausts, and wheels.

General Questions

Engine oil should be changed after your car has covered a specific distance. This distance varies for different engine oil brands and is mentioned on the packaging.
Yes, repairing your damaged transmissions can save you a lot of money. If you can afford to replace those damaged transmissions, then doing so is more advisable.
If you drive your car regularly, you should clean your cooling system after intervals recommended by your car manufacturer. Not doing so will result in more costly repairs.
If you are in an emergency, you can directly call us and request a mobile auto repair service.
Yes, we perform repairs on all types of vehicles.

Why Choose Us

Strong Work Ethic

As successful auto shop owners, we own incredible work ethic. We know our customers are entirely dependent on us, so we are never afraid of getting our hands dirty and putting our efforts into solving their problems. Our passion to serve is something that has driven us to succeed.


Maintaining our professional appearance and staying respectful to our customers has made us at the industry’s top. We constantly keep our customers in the loop throughout the repairing process and tell them honestly what needs to be done and how much it will cost.


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