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Alacrity Home Inspection is dedicated to performing home inspections that can save our clients thousands of dollars in repairs. Our company has performed hundreds of home inspections and saved most of our clients from costly repairs. Because of our deep knowledge and thorough understanding, we have recorded our name among the top home inspection companies in University Place, WA.

If you are looking for “building inspectors near me,” you will never regret choosing us as your home inspection resource. Our lead home inspector is a local homeowner and completely understands the importance of providing a detailed report about the findings. We ensure you that we will inspect your home as we would inspect ours.

Our Services

Exterior Home Inspection

The issues with your home's exterior are usually hidden from naked eyes, but you can't afford to leave them unchecked. Our exterior home inspections services in University Place, WA, will inspect each component of your exterior and notify you about the issues.

Roof Inspection

Many factors can affect the overall health of your roof. Small damage to your roof can negatively influence the working of a roof. Our roof inspection services in University Place, WA, will check your roof's components and confirm their functionality.

Interior Home Inspection

Malfunctioned plumbing can put your whole home at risk of getting damaged by water. Our interior home inspection services in University Place, WA, will cover your entire plumbing system inspection and suggest you the required repairs to make your house safe from water damages.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

It may be possible that the home you are purchasing looks fine, but there are possibilities of problems hidden deep in its structure. Our pre-purchase home inspection services in University Place, WA, will provide you with concise information about the actual state of the home's structure.

Pre-listing Home Inspection

Getting your home inspected and solving the issues before selling is a great way of gaining the trust of your buyers and real estate agents. Our pre-listing home inspection services in University Place, WA, will allow your home to attract more buyers and sell quicker.

Radon Testing

If your current house or the one you are purchasing contains a basement, make sure to get radon testing services in University Place, WA. Missing on this inspection can cause many problems and health hazards to your land because radon is alone the biggest factor that causes lung cancer.

Sewer Scope Inspection

Before making a purchase, you have to be sure that the home you will purchase is in its prime form. To ensure its safety, start with getting our sewer scope inspection services in University Place, WA. You will be able to make an informed decision about purchasing a home.


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What Else Do We Offer

For many years, we have been the leading home inspection service provider in University Place, WA. Besides offering the above services, we specialize in a wide range of other home inspection and testing services like well water testing, lead dust, and paint testing. Our inspectors have extensive experience in inspecting homes of variable sizes and types. Our company provides an automated report that contains detailed information about our discoveries during your home inspection. After finishing your home inspection, our inspector will brief you about the issues that require immediate fixes. Other qualities owned by our company are:

General Questions

You should get a home inspection before selling your house or before purchasing a new one.

A reliable home inspector always holds a certification or license to perform a home inspection.

The price of your home inspection will be determined by measuring the area of your house and its age.

The time needed to inspect a house depends on the size of your home.

It is up to you whether to attend your home inspection or not.

Why Choose Us

Vast Connections

The dedication and proficiency that we have demonstrated while delivering our services have helped us maintain vast connections within the industry. Our professionals always remain on the list of those home inspectors that people and realtors trust.


The knowledge we hold is a key factor in our success. Each of our professionals is thoroughly familiar with the various systems that he will be inspecting. They have earned multiple certifications through renowned colleges and vocational institutes.


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