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Alacrity Home Inspection is a family-owned & managed company committed to delivering all relevant information on the different components working in their homes. We have been aiding our clients for many years and familiarizing them with the potential problems and causes of concerns present on their properties. We are ranked among the top home inspection companies in Lakewood, WA.

If you are going to sell your home and search for a “home inspector near me,” your good fortune has brought you to us. Alacrity Home Inspection will always be at your side when it comes to determining the property’s condition, whether you are purchasing, selling, or investing it. Our professional home inspectors are always at your disposal whenever you need their services. Grab your phone, dial our customer services number, and our inspectors will reach your desired location for inspection on time.

Our Services

Exterior Home Inspection

Any broken or damaged elements on the exterior of your house can reduce the value of your home. Our exterior home inspection services in Lakewood, WA, will inspect all the exterior components, including eaves, soffits, and fascia, and will analyze them for defects.

Roof Inspection

It is very important to get your roof regularly checked for minor damages. If these damages are left unattended, they can lead to other structural damages. Our roof inspection services in Lakewood, WA, will diagnose these damages and suggest relevant repairs.

Interior Home Inspection

Some cracks in your home do not cause concern and only need minor repairs, but others can indicate significant problems with your foundation. Our interior home inspection services in Lakewood, WA, will help you identify cracks that cause foundation movements.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Getting your home inspected before purchasing it will help you decide better whether to purchase the house or not. Our pre-purchase home inspection services in Lakewood, WA, will spot the potential problems and tell you which one of them needs to be addressed immediately.

Pre-listing Home Inspection

Many homeowners remain unaware of the issues hidden in their homes until they put their homes for sale. Getting pre-listing home inspection services in Lakewood, WA, will make you identify these problems. Getting necessary repairs enables you to adjust the asking price of your home.

Radon Testing

In today’s world, energy-efficient houses are widely built. Their energy-efficient functions are achieved by making them airtight, which makes them suck in the radon gas. Our radon testing services in Lakewood, WA, will help you detect this carcinogen and take the necessary steps to drain it out.

Sewer Scope Inspection

If you see any indications of water damage around your foundation and pavement, immediately get your home sewer system inspected. Our sewer scope inspection services in Lakewood, WA, will help you identify the hidden damages to your sewer system and save you from their extensive impact.


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What Else Do We Offer

For many years, we have been the chief provider of home inspection services in Lakewood, WA, and the surrounding areas. Besides the services mentioned above, we specialize in performing inspections and testing for well water, lead dust, and paints. Our professionals have vast experience in performing inspections in homes of various sizes and types. Our clientele recognizes us as the most trusted source of authentic information when it comes to their property. Our company offers a computerized report that is comprised of our findings during your home inspections. After we are done with your home inspection, our inspector will brief you about the problems that require immediate repairs. Other perks of our services include:

General Questions

You should get a home inspection before selling your house or before purchasing a new one.

A qualified home inspector holds proper certification.

The price of your home inspection depends on the area of your house and its current condition.

It depends on the size of the area we are going to cover.

Yes, it is not mandatory but encouraged to attend your home inspection.

Why Choose Us

Integrity And Ethics

Maintaining our ethics and integrity is the biggest reason behind the clients speaking kind words about our services. Our entire business model depends on demonstrating moral character and honesty because people love to work with those they can trust.

Attention To Details

The position and role that we hold in the community require us to stay attentive to details. If a home inspector has a habit of missing small details and flaws, then there is no point in hiring their services. We ensure our vigilance while providing our services.


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