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Alacrity Home Inspection is a company dedicated to providing all the necessary information to their clients about the condition of their properties. We have been serving in the inspection industry for many years and have landed ourselves among the top home inspection companies in Federal Way, WA. In these past years, we have seen several houses, some of which were in their prime condition and some in their worst. 

If you were looking for “home inspectors near me,” you have landed on the right place. Pick up your phone, dial our number and get a professional home inspector right on your site. Our certified professionals know everything about each component that goes in the working of residential houses.

Our Services

Exterior Home Inspection

Improperly installed sidings and minor cracks in the exterior walls can expose your home to water damages. Our exterior home inspection services in Federal Way, WA, will identify all the flaws and problems responsible for damaging your home.

Roof Inspection

Over time, your roof may suffer from leaks because of aging or experiencing natural disasters. These leaks can grow into bigger issues that are costly to repair. Our roof inspection services in Federal Way, WA, will use specialized equipment to identify leaks present in your roof.

Interior Home Inspection

Moisture problems in your home are the root cause of many structural issues. If your home has moisture issues hidden in any corner, they will eventually cost you the whole house. Identify these problems by getting our interior home inspection services in Federal Way, WA.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Purchasing a resale home and not getting it inspected is like buying a used car without taking it for a test drive. Our pre-purchase home inspection services in Federal Way, WA, will help you know the actual condition of the home you will purchase.

Pre-listing Home Inspection

If you are going to place your home for sale, it will be a good idea to get pre-listing home inspection services in Federal Way, WA. They will help you identify major problems in your home. Identifying such issues and getting them resolved will make your home sell quicker.

Radon Testing

Radon testing services in Federal Way, WA, can protect you against the potential carcinogen. Many homes have radon gas locked in their basement or attic. Our certified home inspectors will test your home for radon presence and suggest methods to remove this gas from your home.

Sewer Scope Inspection

If you see the signs of flooding in your home, it is a good idea to get your sewer lines checked by our sewer scope inspection services in Federal Way, WA. Our services will help you identify the root damages and save you from further damages that are costly to repair.


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What Else Do We Offer

For many years, we have been the premier home inspection services provider in Federal Way, WA, and surrounding areas. Our professionals are highly trained and equipped with industry-leading methodologies that are essential to give you an unbiased opinion on the condition of your property. Our endless list of satisfied customers includes homebuyers, sellers, investors, and real estate companies. To give our clients a panoramic view of their property, we offer automated reports which include the details of defects and their respective solutions. It also covers all the potential concerns, which may need immediate attention. Other qualities offered by our services are:

General Questions

It depends on the type of inspection you choose. Generally, each type covers a review of a particular system working in your home.

The cost of a home inspection depends on the area of the house and the condition of your house.

You should get a home inspection before selling your house or before purchasing a new one.

It is totally up to you. However, we will appreciate your presence.

Major finds are those pieces of information that should make you reevaluate the value of your property.

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On Time

We care about our customers’ time as they have adjusted their schedules so that they can accompany us during their inspection. Our professionals always respect the clients’ time by reaching their site at the agreed time.

Willingness To Help

We are dedicated to providing our assistance to our clients wherever possible. We know the sensitivity of our job as we are mostly called before making big decisions. We remain neutral by providing our clients with the most accurate information about their property.


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