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Alacrity Home Inspection For Healthy Homes in Kent, WA

At Alacrity Home Inspection, we offer fast and transparent home inspection services in Kent, WA. We are committed to providing our clients with detailed and accurate home inspection reports. As a locally-owned company, we understand the significance of residential properties and make customers’ buying experience as smooth as possible. Whether you purchase a new home or want to inspect your property before selling it, you can trust our professional and experienced inspectors. They help customers understand the findings to make a solid decision.

Inspecting your home regularly not only saves you from costly repairs and replacement but also increases the lifespan of your property. Our home inspection services include Exterior home inspection, Roof inspection, Interior home inspection, Pre-Purchase home inspection, Pre-Listing home inspection, Radon testing, and Sewer scope inspection services. We keep your safety and comfort at the top priority, which is why we hire background-checked and certified home inspectors. To book our reliable and efficient home inspection service, call us at (253) 222-0603.

Our Services

Exterior Home Inspection

The exterior of a property is the most impacted by the surrounding environment and weather. At Alacrity Home Inspection, our professional property inspectors offer efficient exterior home inspection services in Kent, WA, and check several aspects of a home's exterior, ranging from the surface drainage to sidings.

Roof Inspection

Alacrity Home Inspection offers thorough roof inspection services in Kent, WA, and evaluates structural support, roofing materials, and quality of artistry. Our professional inspectors will determine whether your roof is in good condition or needs repairs and suggest you the best solutions.

Interior Home Inspection

We offer fast and accurate interior home inspection services in Kent, WA, and inspect the water supply and distribution systems such as faucets, fixtures, air-conditioning units, energy connections, and much more. Our inspection officers never forget to check ceilings, walls, windows, handrails, and countertops.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

We offer pre-purchase home inspections in Kent, WA, to help buyers make a reliable offer. Our detailed report will describe all issues the property has and understand the status of the house before our customers are locked in with an offer.

Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Alacrity Home Inspection helps homeowners make their listing easier to sell, offering pre-listing home inspection services in Kent, WA, and nearby areas. Our inspection report is always comprehensive, easy to read, and covers almost all points.

Radon Testing

Alacrity Home Inspection offers top-notch radon testing services in Kent, WA, to prevent exposing you and your family to this dangerous and odorless gas. Hire our experienced and certified inspectors to avoid the side effects of radon gas.


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What Makes Us Best

As an industry-leading inspector with years of experience, Alacrity Home Inspection has inspected thousands of homes, and we are confident in what we provide to our customers. Our quick and detailed home inspection services in Kent, WA, have saved many customers from costly repairs and replacements. The knowledge our professional inspectors possess is evident onsite throughout our inspection results. Our services offer:

General Questions

Decision to buy a home requires a lot of details to make a reliable offer. An experienced and professional inspector will help you estimate the property’s actual value, so you don’t have any regret after buying that home.

We encourage our customers to attend the inspection so that they can understand the property’s status and value.

Our efficient inspectors inspect a house in 45 minutes, but it depends on the size of the property.

By hiring an inspector, you will know about some repairs and upgrades to improve the value of your property and maximize profits.

Our home inspection services include Exterior home inspection, Roof inspection, Interior home inspection, Pre-Purchase home inspection, Pre-Listing home inspection, Radon testing, and Sewer scope inspection services.

Why Choose Us


Our professional inspectors are experienced and certified, bringing years of experience to a property inspection. We know what to inspect during a residential property inspection and help our customers make an informed decision.


Alacrity Home Inspection always uses the latest tools to inspect properties and deliver the most detailed and accurate results. We use digital moisture meters to ensure our inspectors do not miss the most damaged property scenarios.


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