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AJ Engineering & Home Inspection is the most trusted resource to ensure the structural integrity of real estate properties. We are providing our services of home inspection in Queens NY, to inform you about your property’s current condition. We have a team of certified structural engineers specializing in inspecting subgrade, rebar, mechanical demolition, and energy codes. We are thoroughly equipped for performing all kinds of home inspections related to the structural stability of your homes and commercial buildings.

We are reputed as the industry leaders in home inspection and are helping buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals identify the variety of underlying problems in their properties. Whether it is a pre-listing inspection or foundation inspection, you can count on us. After assessing various constraints of your property, we will provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings. Give us a call and get our certified home inspector at your desired place.

Our Services

Home Inspection Service

If you purchase a new property or sell your own, get it inspected and know about possible hidden issues. Our home inspection services in Queens NY, will provide you with the most accurate and precise home inspection information and reports. Talk to us about your needs.

Structural Engineering Service

Our structural engineering services in Queens NY, will meet all your structural design requirements and address every concern related to the safety of your building. If you want to get a support system designed for your building, our certified engineers will do that for you.

Commercial Structural Engineering Service

Suppose you are going to start a commercial construction project. In that case, our commercial structural engineering service in Queens NY, will help you design its support structure foundation, including the position of beams, slabs, and other load-bearing elements. Give us a call to tell us about your project details.


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What Else Do We Offer

At AJ Engineering & Home Inspection, we are specialized in performing various types of structural and foundational home inspections. Being certified home inspectors, we have the knowledge and ability to get the job done in the right manner. Whether you possess a commercial or residential property, you can trust us with our industry experience. You should be assured that the home inspection performed by us will provide you with the most accurate and precise results. Additionally, we inspect mechanical demolition, flood zone, fire block systems, and site storm drainage system. Our clients have counted on our reliable services for many years and have ensured structural stability by calling us. Other qualities owned by our services are:

General Questions

It is not necessary, but your presence will be appreciated.

Home appraising is the evaluation of the market value of your home, while a home inspection is a detailed investigation of the condition of your home.

If you are selling your home, get those issues resolved before listing it for sale.

It will be best if you get a home inspection before purchasing a property or selling your home.

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Fast And Accurate Results

Our reliable services will deliver you accurate results in the minimum time possible. By getting our services, you will be confident that you have made the right choice for yourself and your family. As your trusted partner for the home inspection, the safety and comfort of your family are our priority.

Comprehensive Home Inspection

For ensuring the safety of your property, we provide a comprehensive inspection of the structure of your home. Our home inspector will cover each aspect of home inspection and the integrity of support elements in your house. We will give you a report on the existing or potential issues.


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