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We Are Specialized Cleaners

At 770 Cleaning Contractor, we understand the necessity and significance of working in a cleaner workspace. However, not everything that looks clean from the surface is germ-free. Therefore, our specialists offer professional cleaning services. From removing dust to killing the last microbe, we make sure you work in a safe & healthy environment.

We are serving in the cleaning business for years, assisting thousands of commercial clients. Our exceptional services are accessible for banks, spas, gyms, restaurants, education institutes, retailer shops, etc. Our selfless dedication to work and matchless competencies have earned us the honor of being top-rated cleaning contractors in New York City, NY. We believe in long-lasting and based on a trust relationship with our clients whenever you need our service, dial 917-686-4440!

Our Services

Disinfecting for COVID-19

COVID-19 has cast an everlasting fear in the core of our hearts, but you can fight it off along with 770 Cleaning Contractor! To cope with the crisis condition, we provide COVID-19 disinfecting services in New York City, NY. Our experts will make sure there is no last particle of virus left behind!

Floor Maintenance

For a corporation, there is nothing more important than ensuring flawless sparkling floors. To make it easier for you, 770 Cleaning Contractor offers the most efficient floor maintenance services in New York City, NY. From regular cleaning to stain removing, everything is our responsibility!

Carpet Shampooing

Carpets add to the beauty of any place. But when the matter comes to their maintenance, many people face inconvenience, Not Anymore! As our experts offer customized carpet shampooing services in New York City, NY. With us, you can appreciate a beautiful rug for as long as possible!

Office Cleaning

Cleaning a workspace is not a straightforward task, but our specialists with years of experience can perform it with efficiency. If your office or workshop also needs the touch of our professional facility, dial 917-686-4440 and avail of the most premium office cleaning services in New York City, NY!

Building Maintenance

Why bother yourself with loads of business work and building maintenance when you have a 770 Cleaning Contractor. Our specialized team delivers effective building maintenance services in New York City, NY, with years of practice and in-depth technical know-how. Avail it Now!

Window Cleaning

770 Cleaning Contractor proudly provides professional window cleaning services in New York City, NY. Our experts will be at the given address after one phone call. We will clean all the windows from both sides, washing them with a sterilizer ensuring that no dust or germ escapes our washing brush.


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With 770 Cleaning Contractor, Appreciate a dedicated & Committed Service!

The significance of cleaning is not a hidden fact. But to enjoy the benefits that come along with it, we need to make sure it is a thorough and proficient cleaning. That is what we offer at 770 Cleaning Contractor. With us, you will get nothing less than the finest cleaning services in New York City, NY, cost-effectively.

General Questions

We always hire professional, experienced cleaners on a contract after thoroughly checking their background. Our employees are all trustworthy and competent when the matter comes to work.

Of course, whether it’s a coffee stain or ketchup, our professional will make sure to remove and clean your carpet as good as new!

Yes, if the nighttime is convenient for the clients. The timeslot is always decided after consultation to make sure it is suitable for everyone.

If you want to cancel or postpone the appointment, make sure to inform us on 24 hours notice.

Why Choose Us

Prioritize Your Comfort

At 770 Cleaning Contractor, we don’t serve you, considering it as another job, but we assist and deliver you a clean workspace with a sense of duty! Our comprehensive cleaning services in New York City, NY, are competent, along with our passion for serving you! Our utmost priority is and will always be your well-being!

Organic Yet Latest Cleaning Techniques

Cleaning is not enough. Ensuring organic and, at the same time, effective one is! Therefore, our specialists systematically formed a generalized cleaning method which we constantly update, modify and customize according to the demands of the clients. But one thing remains the same, i.e., eco-friendly and organic approach.

Our Specialties

Our Care & Respect

We show the utmost respect towards you and your belongings. Our care is unmatched when it comes to handling your precious belongings. And we will keep the integrity of our company intact by showing exceptional professionalism.

Trustworthy & Reliable Staff

At Professional Boys, all of our crew members are adequately vetted, and background checked to ensure you get the peace of mind that your possessions are in safe hands. We are reliable and get the job done as promised.


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