4 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Close All The Way

When your garage door declines to close, it can indeed be a state of alarm. That’s because your residential garage door is way more than just a parking lot for your vehicle. Also, it’s a place where you can keep your valuables like appliances, supplies, pieces of equipment, and tools. Furthermore, it’s a sure way for the burglars and intruders to enter your house, and you would never want that. However, just like any other bit of machinery, your garage door can also malfunction. It could be something with your commercial garage door springs or opener. If you are sweating over the reason why your garage door isn’t closing at all, here are some critical reasons that may help you.

Commercial Garage Door Springs Service For Dead Batteries

It’s obvious that you need the power to open or close your garage door. Your transmitter produces power for your garage door. However, if the batteries in the transmitter are dead, it won’t be able to provide energy to your door, ultimately causing it to be stuck. However, to know what’s wrong exactly, you should perhaps call a specialist of residential garage door springs to come and inspect the transmitter. Thus, if the specialist determines that this is the problem, then you can either change the transmitter yourself or ask the professional to do it for you.

Something Blocking The Door

When something blocks commercial garage door springs, it should be apparent and must not be overlooked. Your garage door won’t completely close when it detects something or someone beneath it. Therefore, first and foremost, inspect the floor of your garage door or its nearby area to see if any object or rubbish is preventing it from closing. Moreover, it would be better to check the track of the door and the door itself to find the problem.

Photo Eyes Out Of Alignment

Perhaps one of the significant reasons a garage door doesn’t close properly is its misaligned photo eyes. When the photo eyes are not in their normal eyes, the eyes won’t be able to send signals, and the opener will prevent the door from closing. Therefore, whenever this issue occurs, you should check the alignment of the photo eyes before assuming anything else. One of the easiest signs of misaligned photo eyes is that the light will twinkle on both photo eyes. You can regulate each eye by rotating the wing fan on them. The light on both eyes will stay still once the issue is sorted out.

Garage Door Opener Issues

Does the problem arise when you use your garage door opener? Try to utilize the opener remote to close the door. Post that, use the button inside the garage to close the door. Something is fishy about the transmitter or opener when the garage door closes with the button inside but not the opener. The problem with the transmitter could be that it’s far away from the door, or perhaps it’s interfering with your neighbor’s. You may also need an opener, transmitter, or garage door repair woodstock repair. Therefore it’s crucial to consult a specialist. Contact with the experts of Same Day Garage Door Service for further information!


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