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24/7 Mobile Auto Body has been providing car detailing in Coconut Creek, FL, for 30 years. We have a wide range of services that cover all your auto care needs and produce results that exceed your expectations. We are proud of our professionalism and dependability. Our company owns everything that can be required to transform the interior and exterior of your vehicle.
If you were looking for a “Car Body Shop near me,” your quest has ended here. You can count on our customer services, detailing innovations and punctuality. While working with 24/7 Mobile Auto Body, you do not have to wait in line and get your car detailed. You can schedule our services by just a call, and we will come to you.

Our Services

Auto Body Restoration

If your car has gone through a minor or major collision, our auto body restoration in Coconut Creek, FL, will help you restore every component of your car to its original glory. Our experts will replace or repair bumpers, damaged body panels, and other elements that are part of the car's exterior.

Auto Customization

Are you looking to give a boost to the appearance of your car? Our auto customization in Coconut Creek, FL, will make your car look aesthetically pleasing. We have a broad spectrum of customization options available, including replacing the wheel, adding a new stereo system, or complete body rebuilding.

Rust Repair

If your car was involved in a collision, its metal surface might become exposed to the atmosphere causing rust to build upon the surface. We are offering rust repair in Coconut Creek, FL, that can remove rust, add body filler, and repaint the spot to make it blend with the car's original color.

Dent Repair

Our professionals are proficient in fixing all kinds of minor and major dents. If your car needs dent repair in Coconut Creek, FL, we can offer you paint less dent removal in which specialist tools are used to press and massage the metal in the body of your car, causing it to restore to its original shape.

Paint Restoration

If the paint of your car is damaged beyond a typical repair, then our services of paint restoration in Coconut Creek, FL, are an immediate solution to address this problem. We are offering complete repainting of your car, imperfection clearance, and the application of clear coating at affordable rates.


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What Else Do We Offer

Being among the top Auto Detailing shops in Coconut Creek, FL, we are equipped with deep technical expertise, specialized detailing tools, and supplies. Our experience and innovative process of detailing can serve priceless benefits for your vehicles. Our experts not only focus on surface-level cleaning but are involved in premium detailing services that extend the lifespan of your car. We equally pay attention to the protection of the exterior and interior of your car. Whatever imperfections you are dealing with, we will help you knock out minor scratches, water stains, and other damages to your car’s paint. Other qualities that our detailing services own are:

General Questions

Yes, steam is an extremely powerful degreaser and is widely used to clean stains of oil and grease from the exterior of your car.

We provide our services in and around 30 miles radius of Coconut Creek, FL.

Yes. Give us a call and get your services scheduled. Our team members will pick up your car from your place and deliver it back after the detailing is done.

No, all products used by 24/7 Mobile Auto Body are eco-friendly.

Yes, give us a call and make your appointment.

Why Choose Us

Budget-Friendly Services

If you choose our car detailing services, you will be able to save a significant amount. We are devoted to providing quality services at affordable prices. While we are at your disposal, your fingers can be at ease from searching for “Car detailing service near me.”

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The contentment of our clients is at the top of the list of our priorities. With our advanced tools and required expertise, we will make your car sparkle in record time. When your vehicle is in our facility, your mind should be at peace as your car is in safe hands.
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